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Welcome to these, the End Times (Dum dum duuuum)

Looks like the army has invaded your little town, because you were too inept to stop them. You suck with the totality of your entire being.
Go to the park and talk to Mayl, then the entrance to the Metro Station and talk to Yai, and then finally  go to the school gates and talk to Dex.
Get to SciLab Square (the quickest way is to use the shortcut in Yai's HP), and talk to ProtoMan. Jack out and take the Metro to your dad's lab at SciLab. Talk to Chaud. After the scene is over, go back to ACDC.
Go up and right and watch the scene, and you will jack into the tank. Get the HPMem above you, the RegMem below you, and then go left and challenge the virus. Get the HPMemory while you're in here.
After jacking out, go to the Hospital and back to your dad's room. Look under the bed (from the bottom, as pictured) and get the note and cardkey. Now it's time to go hunting. Again.
Head back to SciLab, to your dad's lab, and through the door you've never been through before on the left. Presto, one father.

Go to beach and try to get on the boat that takes you to Hades. After Lan's musings, go to ACDC and talk to Yai in her house, then go back home and go to bed.

You'll get the Alpha program from your father, then head to the boat at Beach. Watch the touching scene.
Head around the island and into the door. Talk to everyone and then try to exit trough the elevator doors. Watch the scene.

Go up the elevator, around, and watch the scene.
Don't get caught by the floating grabbers here or you'll have to start again. Don't step on the red puddles either, because the same thing will happen. The level itself it actually very linear, with goodies or dead ends wherever there is a choice, so just kep on heading onwards (remember to colelct the HPMemory when you see it).
After stepping on the warp head right, and use the path to dodge around the guards. After you've got the ID-DataA, let one of them catch you and then go right after waking up (thid way is quicker than walking back normally), and go through the barred door to face FlashManAlpha.

After jacking back out, go through the door and into Wily's Lab. Check his PC for a Magnum chip, and then check the statue on the left, and then the one on the right, and Lan will kick it. Go up and then check the skull on the left to obtain some code (pictured).
Again, the route is very linear, with goodies everywhere. At the place with the fast-moving guards, wait until two pass in quick succession and then go right as fast as you can, hiding in alcoves as you go. Fight BubbleManAlpha.

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of the road. Negotiate the rows of Guards and pick up the ID-DataB, and use it on the door to your left on the large platform. Fight DesertManAlpha..
After jacking out, head down the ramp to see Chaud in trouble. Jack in.

THis level requires the best timing of the three. Don't worry if you mess up, because there's no danger of death.
After gettng past the horde of Guards head right and then right again. Pass another bunch of Guards, then move between the two Guards (a lot, isn't there) and go down and right as far as you can to get the ID-DataC. Head back up to the door. Head down the ramp and up through the smaller yet harder set of guards to find two opponents on a platform. Lucky it's just the normal versions of PlantMan and FlamMan.
Go inside and head to the back of the room. Examine the cables to find a passge and go up the ramp.

Last level like this, promise. You know the drill by now. First, head right and use the alcoves for cover. When you get to the large area with the fast-moving guards, first go up and then right to find the ID-DataD.Collect the HPMemory you see. Now step on the warp pad. If you want, head down then right for some HPMem, and then head past the door and some more guards to find DrillMan (just normal version, no Alpha here!).
Head up and right as far as you can, and prepare to face your final Nemesis.

I speak too soon. Save the world. Do it for Mom! ;_;

The End!

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