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Welcome to Clock Town

You begin in South Clock Town. Time to go see our favourite, scantily clad fairy. THE GREAT FAIRY. She is in North Clock Town so go around the clock tower and through the door behing it. Once in North Clock Town, you'll see Tingle, a 35 year old who thinks he's a Kokiri... Buy his five rupee map and head to the cave on the left of where you came in from.

Nooooooooooooo! The Great Fairy of Magic has been broken. Find that stray fairy! The fairy has two location. By day, it hangs around the Laundry Pool. Just go to South Clock Town and up the large ramp beside the scaffold. As a Deku scrub, you can hop across the water five times before sinking to your watery grave so maybe practise doing that (it becomes important later.) Grab the fairy while skipping across the lil' river. The location of the other stray fairy is in East Clock Town (by night) and to get it, hop into the flower by the Treasure Chest shop and flower glide to it. Once you have that little fairy, go back to the Great Fairy's cave.

As a sign of gratitude, the Great Fairy grants you magic snot power!! Hold B and a giant snot bubble will form around your nose. The longer you hold B, the bigger the bubble gets, but it will eventually pop if you don't release B. The Great Fairy tells you that the man in the observatory may know where the Skull kid is. Exit the cave.

Now this is optional. To the left of the cave entrance is a Deku flower. You can flower glide over the fence to the right of the entrance. Go in the hole, walk up and play the rupee getting game. It costs 10 rupees so make sure you have enough. All you have to do is get on all the platforms that are moving around and get the rupee on top. You have to beat the record time and you can't hit the floor. This is an excellent way to practise flower gliding if you still suck at it. You win 50 rupees on Day One and Day Two, but if you win 3 days in a row, you get a piece of heart on Day Three. The game gets more challenging with each passing day. See Mini Games for a strategy.

Now go to East Clock Town (entrance is on the opposite side of North Clock Town from the Great Fairy's cave.) You should see a little kid jumping in front of an alley. Talk to him and he'll demand a code. You don't know said code so do what the little punk says and go see Jim in North Clock Town.

Practise using your snot bubble magic and pop that creepy balloon. Jim will be impressed and offer to teach you the code IF you can find all five kids in the most important hide and seek in your life. You must find these kids before dawn tomorrow (i.e. if it is Day One, you must find them by dawn of Day Two.) To catch them, get close enough to knock them out with a snot ball, but not too close that they run off. After you hit them with mucous, run into them. Here are their locations.

#1 - North Clock Town, in the area by the tree and slide

#2 - West Clock Town, up the stairs/ramp in the little empty area

#3 - East Clock Town, on the roof of the Stock Pot Inn (flower glide onto the roof)

#4 - East Clock Town, up the stairs by the alley (he is holding a cuckoo)

#5 - North Clock Town, hiding by tree next to the fence

You don't have to catch them in any order. The numbers I've given them just correspond to the numbers on the backs of their shirts. Once you have found them all, you'll be taken to North Clock Town and given the code, but they won't let join the Bomber's Society (even at a young age, they have prejudice against someone who looks different than they do...)

Anyways, go to East Clock Town, tell that PUNK the code and go down to the alley. To the right are platforms surrounded with water (you can't access the left side yet.) You have to skip from platform to platform to get down the right side. Once you come to the end, turn left and you'll encounter your first enemy, a skulltula (see Enemies.) Follow the tunnel and you'll have to pop another creepy balloon. Climb the ladder it reveals and head down the tunnel to the observatory. Up the spiral staircase and talk to the old man. He likes you. ^_^ He'll even let you use his telescope. Find the top of the clock tower and hit A to zoom. A cutscene ensues and varies from what time you look through the telescope. Hit B to stop looking through the scope, go to the door by the top of the stairs and outside we go. Pick up the Moon's Tear and go through the observatory to get back to East Clock Town.

Go to South Clock Town and walk near the yellow Deku flower. A Deku Scrub will accost you. Talk to him and he'll ask you for the Moon's Tear. When the "Press START to open the Select Item Subscreen. Choose and use an item with C." screen pops up, hit start, highlight the item you want, in this case the Moon's Tear, equip it to a C-button, hit start to exit the menu, bringing you back to the "Press START to open..." screen. Press the C-button you have equipped the item of choice to. The Deku Scrub will leave you the land deed to the flower and off he goes. Now you can get that piece of heart on top of the platform of the clock. If you have lots of time to kill before midnight of the Final Day you can get some more pieces of heart (see Pieces of Heart.) If not, just confront the skull kid.

If you still have some time before midnight of the Final Day, collect some rupees and deposit them into the bank in West Clock Town. If you get over 200 rupees deposited, you'll get an Adult's wallet which carries more than 99 rupees. It carries 200! w00t! And don't worry. Your rupees that you deposit into the bank get carried back through time so you don't have to start at zero everytime you save using the Song of Time (this will make sense to you later if you are confused now.) Any rupees that you are carrying around and haven't been deposited will be lost. -__- <-- This is a sad face.

OKAY! Once midnight of the Final Day comes around, you'll see a cutscene and the clock tower will open for you. Hop into the Deku flower in South Clock Town and flower glide to where the piece of heart is/was (depending if you got it yet.) Up the stairs for you!

Link will meet up with the Skull kid and Tael. Tael tells Link to bring four ... things to the clock town and the Skull kid smacks him good. The Skull kid then pulls a Dragonball Z move that pulls that hideous moon closer and faster than before. When you regain control, blow snot in his face! If you are lacking in magic, fill up with the giant green pots that encompass the entire area. He drops the ocarina so run over and snag it! A cutscene follows showing Princess Zelda and Link saying good-bye. Link remembers the Song of Time (see Songs) that Zelda taught him... Hmm... what to do?? Uh, equip your new item and play the only song you know, maybe? But wait, you're playing with pipes, not the ocarina! Apparently when you're transformed, things like musical instruments also change... o_O <-- This is a skeptical face. Well, play the song and save!

Hey, everything's back to normal (almost...) Head into the clock tower and talk to the Mask Salesman. He'll teach you the Song of Healing (see Songs.) Oops. You didn't hold up your end of the bargain by retrieving the stolen mask (Note how angry the Mask Salesman gets!) The stolen mask, known as Majora's Mask is evil and needs the evil to be sealed. That is your new task! Leave the clock tower.

Tatl suggests going south to Woodfall swamp, but just ignore her for now. She's full of crap anyways. We're going to collect things from Clock Town first. If you would prefer to go straight to Woodfall, skip this part.

First and foremost, play the Inverted Song of Time that the scarecrow in either the West Clock Town Item Shop or the observatory will teach you (see Songs.) This makes the clock run much slower, giving you twice as much time to do run around and save Termina.
Remember that the Great Fairy said she would give you a gift if you came to her in your true form. Well, now it's possible. Go to the Laundry Pool and pick up the stray fairy. Take it back to the Great Fairy's shrine in North Clock Town. She will give you your second mask, the Great Fairy mask (see Masks.) *shudder* That mask is not flattering at all on Link's tiny body.

Once you leave the shrine, go over to the tree with the piece of heart on it. Climb up onto one of the pillars, jump to the top of the slide, then jump to the pillar leading up to the tree and get that piece of heart. Let's join the Bomber's Society now.

Since you are no longer a Deku scrub, you can join (those haters...) There are two ways to become a member. You can either pop the creepy balloon as a Deku Scrub and return to human Link to talk to Jim. He'll play Hide and Seek again with you and if you win, you'll be accepted. The second way is to talk to the "guard" in East Clock Town and tell him the code (since you already know it from your previous adventures.) Go down the alley, enter and exit the sewer. Jim will stop you as you're leaving the alley and will give you the Bomber's Notebook. Using the notebook is very simple. To look at it, press START and scroll to the Quest Status Subscreen. Move the cursor onto the notebook in the top left corner and press A. Right now, it's fairly empty. The only entry in it is Jim. Notice the blue bars to the right of Jim's picture? These signify the times which you can do something for him. The yellow icon means an event should take place, a red bow means you were given a present for completing an event and a green mask means you were given a mask (imagine that.) There is a red vertical line, signifying what the current time of day is and a red "happiness" stickers (Yay happiness...) at the very right of the screen, which means that you have done everything in your power to make them happy. There are 20 people who go in the notebook so talk to everyone to find them all.

That about does it for Clock Town for now, but we'll be back later. Before leaving through the gate in South Clock Town, go back to the owl statue beside the clock tower. Hit it with your sword and watch as it opens its wings. Now you can save and go back to exactly where you left off, rather than losing everything when playing the Song of Time. It also opens up a warp point, but we'll get to that later. Head out of the south gate and you'll be in Termina Field.

Once in the wide outdoors, go straight through the tunnel away from Clock Town and just before you pass the tree with graffiti on it, you will see another cutscene. Head into the new area...


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