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Romani Ranch Jail Break

So you've conquered the mountain, but can you tame the beast? Probably. ^_^

On the first day, head over to Lon Lon... I mean Romani ranch. What?!?! The skull kid put a giant rock in the way?? Whatever will our young hero do? Blow it up! Go to the Bomb shop in West Clock Town and talk to the goron as your goron self. He'll sell you a powder keg for 50 rupees as long as you have completed Biggoron's training and reported back to him afterwards. If not, check out the bottom of the Snowhead temple walkthrough, but rather than beating Goht, you can now just use your fire arrows to melt the ice blocking the entrance to Biggoron's pad. Once you are qualified, grab a powder keg and blow that boulder in Milk Way to kingdom come!

You're inside. Good. Run towards the barn and the house and you'll witness a heart-felt reunion between Link and Epona. But Epona is being held in jail. WRONGFULLY ACCUSED!!! We need Jack McCoy and the whole Law and Order team!! (Fare thee well, Lenny... you will be missed.) Talk to the Malon-like girl with the doggie and the bow once you regain control of Link's limbs. She'll ask you for your name. Either answer you choose will get Link the same nickname... Grasshopper... at least it's better than Fairy Boy... right?? Romani will put you to the test with Epona. Your goal is to try and shoot the ten ghost-like balloons that are floating around all over the ranch in two minutes. If you get it under one minute, you'll break the ranch record, but get no reward. Now, two minutes is a lot of time. I was able to do it under two minutes on my emulator, which gets a little hard to control sometimes which is why I personally prefer my Nintendo 64. ^_^ I can do the course in under 45 seconds when I've actually got a joystick.

Anywho, if you need pointers on how to get all of them in under two minutes, read on. Use your map. Don't have one? Buy one from Tingle outside the ranch. Each balloon is represented by a dot on the screen. I personally do a figure eight around the ranch by heading down the perimeter of the ranch towards the entrance, then swinging around to by the front of the ranch, going over to the dog track and cucco area and finally sniping the last two by the side of the house. If that is too confusing, I may draw a map out if enough people have problems with it. Just email me and I'll make one! ^_^

If you were successful, Romani will teach you Epona's Song! Yippee! Now you can summon Epona anywhere you can ride her! Which is great because we need her help to get to...


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