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Snowhead Temple

You have entered Snowhead Temple and you are greeted by a welcoming committee made entirely of white boes. Kill them all so they aren't bothering you later. Become goron Link if you aren't already the big guy and move that giant Majora block out of the way. The next room has a white wolfos, but you can head to the right into the next room before he hits you.

The next room has a long ramp with three freezards aiming their icy breath right along the ramp. Fill up on magic and line up so you can roll along the ramp. Time it so you won't get hit by the breath (when the freezard closest to you has finished blowing) and make sure you start rolling in the snow. You have less traction on snow and gain speed faster. Once on the other side, go over to the door (not the stairway door!) and look around there are two stray fairies to be had. You'll definitely want to get all these stray fairies since the prize for collecting all of them is much better than the Woodfall temple! You'll get a bigger magic bar! Twice as big to be exact! And you may want to get it before fighting this boss since you'll use a lot of magic, trying to defeat him! One is underneath the ledge by the stairway and the other is in a gap in the rock by the ramp. Both are in bubbles so shoot an arrow in each bubble and put on the Great Fairy mask. Now you may go into the stairway door.

If you still have the Great Fairy mask, a stray fairy will come at you from the right. Over to the left is a big treasure chest with the Dungeon Map in it. Watch out for the bombchu running around on the floor. The freezard is too high to be a concern. That is all you can do in this room for now. Exit this room and go through the door in the next room, too.

After the short cutscene that shows off the features of this huge room, go across the white platform to the yellow-rimmed door. To the left, you can pull the tall Majora block to the right four block widths until there is a block-sized gap between the block and the edge where the snow stops. Then push it to the other end of the room until it clicks into place. A chest will appear, but you can't get to it yet. Where the block used to reside, there is a small key in a chest. Snag it and head out.

Melt the red-rimmed door by shooting an arrow through the flame of the brazier into the ice. Go through the door and head to the right where the locked door is, ignoring the white wolfos that appears again. This takes you to a room with a few white wolfos (two in fact) which can't be ignored. Kill them first then you can start working through the room. Open the big chest and you'll get the Compass. See the giant crack in the wall by the chest? Blow it up with a bomb or use your Blast mask if you have it to reveal a stairway. If you have another bomb, toss it up so it is on top of the crate by the crack in the wall or near the crate when it explodes. I find it is easier to hold the bomb and throw it just before it explodes. You'll get a stray fairy if you are successful. The fairy's a bit out of reach so put on the Great Fairy mask to retrieve it.

Up the stairway we go. Hop on the shortest rock without an ice chunk on it. Then jump to the one beside it. Aim an arrow up at the icicles on the roof and shoot them down. I suggest all of them, but if you are low on arrows, hit the one closest to you and the one Tatl targets. They're the only ones you really need. Hop on the rock with the red rupee on it and look at the wall. See the bit of snow? That is a hidden ledge. Jump through it (use your lens of truth if you are unsure) and the chest inside will get you another stray fairy. Jump out onto the rock you were on before going through the wall and jump to the next highest rock then to the ledge with the giant snowball on it. Blow the snowball up and a chest will be revealed. Inside is the small key to the exit of this room so head over there. If you want, get the other red rupees in the room, then exit.

Put on your Great Fairy mask and the lens of truth. Once you've got all that gear on, look at the ceiling. There's a stray fairy in a bubble in the portion of the ceiling that is missing. Shoot her down and collect her. Now this puzzle took me a while at first, but that may be because I was playing at 4am... ah, insomnia... Anywho, put the Goron mask on and get the Bunny hood ready. Pound on the yellow circular switch. This raises a switch on the other side of the gap and another one over the entire door. Jump over to the yellow switch that pops up across the gap. You'll notice a sea of white boes swimming around on the floor. If you want, jump down and kill them. Things go a bit smoother when they're not around. Back over to the extended yellow switch. Once on that side of the gap, pound on the green switch. You have to be quick with this part as it's timed. Run over to the yellow switch and pound it. This takes you to the bottom of the gap. Strap on the Bunny Hood and run over to the green switch. Climb on it and jump over to the door and enter it before the time runs out and the switch goes over the door again.

Goron Link it up and roll across the icy bridge gap, but stop before you hit the giant ice block in front of the door. To the right of that door is a snowy ramp. Roll across his ramp very carefully to the other side. Roll across this new icy bridge and enter the door. It's more mini boss fun, kiddies!

This fun guy is a wizrobe and he's a wizard... duh... He reminds my sister of a mailman ... AND HE'S GOING POSTAL!!!! There's not much to defeating this guy. He will appear in one of four magic squares, located at each corner of the room. If you run up to him, he'll disappear so bring out your dead... I mean bow... and shoot him before he shoots you with his ice magic. The ice magic will freeze you in place temporarily and will make a portion of the floor ice. If you step in it again, you'll freeze again, but this ice goes away very quickly. You can use the map in the corner to tell you where he is. He is the red dot on the map. After three hits, he'll change his strategy. Now, he will appear in one of the four squares and three images of him will appear in the other three. To figure out which one is him, use the map or scan the room. The three images will dances around the room while the real wizrobe will be in the same spot. Shoot him a few more times and he's as good as dead. By defeating wizrobe, you'll get the legendary fire arrows.

Once you're back in the huge room, fall. Fall all the way down to the bottom of the room. You'll lose a little bit of health, but it is quicker this way. Besides, there are bushes growing on the ground by one of the exits and I'm sure you'll find some hearts in there. After you find the lil' weeds, walk around the giant pillar until you come across a big Majora switch. Goron Link can push it down with his massive girth and is the only form of Link that can withstand the heat of the lava pit. Pushing the switch makes a chest appear and opening the chest releases another stray fairy from its chest-like prison. Head into the door (not the stairway.)

Now we can finally use the ice-destroying fire arrows! Shoot the ice chunks encasing the deku flower. Hop into the flower and glide to the ledge with another deku flower on it. Hop in that one and glide to any ledge you can reach, preferrably not one with a freezard on it. Shoot all the freezards with the fire arrows and a chest containing a stray fairy with appear. Shoot the braziers with more fire arrows so they are all lit at the same time and a door will unlock. Go through that door and pound the switch as goron Link, though you'll need to be human Link to actually climb onto the switch. The giant pillar in the middle of the giant room will rise all the way to the top. Notice the white portions of the pillar? You have to punch those so the pillar is just high enough to get to one of the final rooms, but we can get to that later. Exit the switch room and shoot a fire arrow at the ice chunk on your left as you enter the room with the braziers in it. Once that is done, go to the room with the many lava pits, then up the staircase. Go through the door beside the stairway.

It's the freezard room, but now you can kill the freezards with a little friend I like to call fire. By hitting each one with a fire arrow and melting the ice chunk in between the two freezards on your side, you will reveal and have access to a chest with a small key in it. Now fall over by the ladder and climb up. Go through the door, ignore that white wolfos again and go through the door directly across from you.

Remember this room? Now that you have the fire arrows, it will be a cinch. Kill both white wolfos and melt the ice chunks. You only have to melt the one with the Majora block in it and the one with the switch in it. Push the switch and a chest containing yet another stray fairy will appear, but it is too high to get... for now! Push the Majora block toward the ledge and the previously opened chest, then push it in the direction of the ice chunk still remaining. Finally, push it towards the ledge that hold the new chest. Jump on top of the block and across to the ledge and claim your prize. After you have released the fairy, there is still one more thing you can do in this room. Move the block so it is next to the other ledge in the room and jump across to the door on the ledge. Enter this room and if you moved that double Majora block a while back and it clicked into place, you can still use it to jump across to the chest it revealed that was too high to reach before. Watch out for the flying pots! They'll get ya if you don't have your shield up! Inside is a stray fairy. Exit this room and make you way to the blue-rimmed door (where the white wolfos I keep telling you to ignore is.) Roll across the bridge and go through the stairway exit.

Hop onto the platform in the middle of the room and shoot the freezard and the frozen yellow eye will fire arrows. By hitting the yellow eye, you will activate the platform, raising you to where the freezard used to hang out. Before going through the door of the higher level, slap on the lens of truth and have a look around. See the hidden steps on the other side of the room? Jump carefully from one to the other and they will take you to a chest with yet another stray fairy. From this little alcove you can probably jump to the level with the door, but if you don't, no biggie. Just shoot the yellow eye switch again while on the platform. ^_~

After entering the door, you'll probably recognize where you are. You're in the giant room with the pillar! First, become big goron Link and punch the crap out of the white portions of the pillar. After you have Mike Tyson'd it up, head to the staircase with the ice chunk blocking it and melt the ice away. Enter it and you'll be in a higher level of the giant pillar room. Punch the first white block out of the pillar then carefully roll across the snowy ramp to the one side of the staircase, just like in the other room. Only this time, if you mess up, there is no net to catch you. Hopefully, you'll get it on the first try. If not, you've got a bit of a journey trying to get to this point again. Once you've rolled across, punch the remaining blue portion of the pillar and use the small key to enter the door.

This new area has a few little eeno's and one big eeno (see Enemies.) You can kill them if you want, but I find they don't get in your way if you know how to hide. In the wall is a snowy ledge that can only be seen through the lens of truth. There is a stray fairy in a bubble so use your arrows and Great Fairy mask to gather her with the others. ^_^ After you've saved the fairy, run to the other side of the room, melt the ice chunk and run up the now accessible staircase.

This room is fun!!! Kill the two dinofols that confront you. Each of their dead carcasses holds a stray fairy... gross... once you've killed them, exit the room. This will take you to a ramp-like platform that you should run all the way down and jump off of! You'll land right on top of the giant pillar. If you've been following my walkthrough, there should be one more fairy left, right? Run over to the edge of the pillar, but don't jump off yet. Look down from the snowy ramp without the net. See the snowy ledge on the wall? You can jump from the pillar onto that ledge if you have the Bunny hood on or roll off the edge just before the jump. There is another way to get it, which I will explain when we get to that part. If you elected to jump for it, good for you!

If you have all fifteen stray fairies, exit the temple by playing the Song of Soaring and head over to the Great Fairy of Wisdom's cave. She's somewhere along the base of the outside of the temple. She will soup up your magic! Awesome! Now head back to the top of the pillar, become goron Link and smash the snowballs in the covered bridge. You can also use bombs or the Blast mask, but goron Link is faster. Up the newly revealed staircase and onto the highest level of the dungeon.

Roll across the icy ramp to the other side. The boss door is here, but you don't have the key yet... See the door just below the ramp you are standing on? You can either jump again by using the Bunny hood or rolling of the edge or use the deku flower as Deku Link to glide over. Also, if you wanted to get the last stray fairy the other way, use the deku flower and glide to the snowy hidden ledge. It takes a while for Link to glide down there, but you have a smaller chance of missing the ledge by doing this. Use your discretion! ^_^

Once you've made it onto the ledge below the boss's door, go through the next door. WIZROBE ROUND TWO : ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!!! Use the strategy I wrote out before for the first encounter with the wizrobe and all will be well. There are more magic squares that he can teleport to and you now have the awesome power of the fire arrows on your side, but other than that, he's exactly the same. With the fire arrows, he falls much faster! Once he is defeated, run to the new door that opens and you'll get to the chest with the boss key in it. Go through the next door and get back to the boss's door! Shoot a fire arrow at the frozen beast and it will be time for a brawl with....

Goht, the Masked Mechanical Monster!!!

Sounds like this boss is just as misunderstood as the creature from Frankenstein from the name they gave it, but it's not. He just runs around the room which is a circular track and hits you with various attacks. There are two ways to kill him. You can stay in the little alcove you start in and shoot him with fire arrows everytime he comes around (I'm unsure if this actually works, though...) but you'd need a lot of arrows to do this. This isn't any fun, though!! The actual way you should attack him would be to become goron Link, roll around enough to sprout your spikes and chase that goat down! Bash him to bits! Sometimes, since the terrain is very bumpy, it becomes hard to build up enough speed to reveal your spikes of doom, but keep rolling. You'll find a good flat spot eventually. There are an infinite number of magic jars available so I would suggest everytime you see one, run into it to replenish your magic reserves if you can. Don't want to run out during a cructial moment. Also, if you can, try to hit him in the butt while you're airbourne. This will knock him down and you can take a few free swings at him.

Now for his attacks. If you fall behing him a lot while chasing him, he will stop and face you as you come up behind him. You have to swerve from side to side to avoid the lightning attack he launched at you. As long as you swerve enough, he won't hit you. Normally, he shoots out three lightning bolts (less if he hits you with it) and then continues running.

Everytime you hit him, he sends out a homing lightning ball which again you must swerve to avoid. When you are chasing him, don't hang out directly behind him. He tends to kick up chunks of the ground which if they hit you, will cause you to lose all momentum and you'll have to roll and power up again. After you hit him about five times, parts of the ceiling fall. You can't pretict when they will come down and again, they screw up your momentum. Another five hits and he'll start dropping bombs which explode if you touch them with those spikes of yours. One last thing he can do would be if you are standing still and let him come around the whole track to where you are standing, he'll charge at you and toss you up in the air for some damage, but as long as you keep following him, that should never happen! ^_^

You can tell how damaged his is from the amount of smoke and electric discharge coming out of his body. After about twenty hits with your buff, goron body, he'll be defeated and run into a wall. Seems all those hits damaged his brain, too. Retrieve the Heart Container and hop in the portal!

After the friendly talk with the second giant, head over to Goron village. Remember the area that originally had a chunk of ice blocking it? Now that spring has sprung, the ice has melted. Head over there (you need to be human Link to climb up the little ledge) go down the ramps and talk to Biggoron as goron Link. He'll give you a challenge. Get this powder keg to the Goron Racetrack before it blows! To do this, grab it and throw it up the first part of the ramp, then roll up the ramp. Keep doing that until you get to the top. Grab the keg and walk over to the wooden staircase not too far from the entrance to Biggoron's place. Turn to the right and walk through the maze of boulders, then take the path on the right again. Exit to the next area. Walk across the bridges and mini islands until you get to about where the next exit is. There is a ramp similar to the one in Biggoron's house. Toss the keg up the ramp and roll up to get it. Keep doing that until you make it to the top of this ramp and drop the keg by the giant boulder. The elder's son is waiting for the boulder to be destroyed and once it is, he'll run crazily into the racetrack! Go back to Biggoron and he will give you a free powder keg. Now you can buy them at the bomb shop in West Clock Town anytime you want. ^_^ That's pretty much all you have to do for now.

Some extra things you can do before playing the Song of Time is give your sword to the smithy in Mountain Village to reforge (see Equipment), race at the Goron Racetrack (see Mini Games) and check out the giant Goron who you put to sleep by Snowhead (you didn't kill him after all!! ^_^) You can't collect all the frogs by the pond you teleport to after defeating Goht until you get to a certain point in the next temple, so don't worry about them now.

Thus concludes the mountain portion of our tour. Our next stop will be...