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Storm's a-brewin' in Snowhead

Head on over to north of Clock town and say hello to winter. It's always good to start this area on the first day. It's much easier, trust me. See that blockade of ice with a giant ice shard dangling right above it?? Walk on over to that and shoot the ice chunk (twice.) Hopefully, you have the Blast mask or a bomb bag (or both) because they are nice to have. Run through the twisted trail of snow and watch out for tektites (see Enemies) which burrow in the snow (you can see where they are hidden because the snow gets kicked up by their breathing... or something...) and white boes. You get to a barrier of giant snowballs along the way... DIN'S FIRE THEM! (What?? No cool fire spells in this game?!?! Blastphemy!) I guess blowing them up with bombs is ok... but still... -_- Keep going along the path and you'll reach Mountain Village.

Not much in here that would appeal to you yet. The cabin is the home of the smithy, but his hearth has been frozen, so he's useless and out of a job until that can be rectified. There is a Goron in trouble on a high ledge (see Don Gero in Masks) and a owl statue to the right of him that you should thwack with your mighty blade. After you do that, head past the pond into the next area.

There is another tektite around here, but you can run past it. Run across the bridge and you'll encounter a white wolfos, but he, too can be run past. Cross the next bridge and Tingle is kicking around above you so shoot his red balloon and buy a map is you so wish. Next bridge takes you to another island with a chunk of ice in it. Don't touch it or you will become a block of ice yourself. Another white wolfos appears, but ignore him and run across the bridge to the next area.

Go all the way to the other side of the map until you run into good ol' Kaepora. Talk to him and he'll tell you something vital to your quest is in the building which is separated from you by a large, empty void. I hope Link can fly... but wait!! Kaepora's feathers are floating in midair... invisible platforms are holding them up. Be careful and jump from "feather to feather" until you reach the building. Go right on in and grab the Lens of Truth (see Items.) Heading back to the main land is much easier. Just turn on the Lens of Truth and you can see the invisible platforms! And a ghost... o_O;;

Talk to the ghost and he'll ask you to follow him. You can turn the lens off if you want because his shadow is still visible, but make sure to turn it back on once the ghost reaches an exit. That way, he'll go onto the next level. Also, have it on when you start in a new area so he'll start moving again. Follow him all the way back to the Mountain Village. You'll have to cross the pond, which you can do by jumping on the ice flows or skipping across the water as a deku scrub. Now, if you have the lens on, you'll notice that the large mass of wall in front of you has ladders hidden beneath the snow. The correct path to get to the top of the cliff is by going right on the first fork in the ladders, then left and finally right again. Make sure the ghost goes in the cave, then follow right behind him.

Talk to the ghost and you'll find out that he was a great goron warrior who went to cure Snowhead of its bitter winter curse, but got pushed off the cliff by a tremendous wind, fell and died. He is ashamed and is in desperate need of a friend and some inner healing. Give him what he needs and play the song of Healing. He'll finally see that even though he died, his people still think of him as a hero and not a failure. Darmani is at peace and lends his power to you in the form of a mask. The Goron mask (see Masks) to be precise. Now you can transform into a goron at will. Test out your new powers and get comfortable with them. Once that is done, grab hold of the tombstone (which you can also read to find out your goron attacks) and pull! Hot spring water will start filling the room. Bottle some and hurry back to the chunk of ice by Tingle or else the water will cool down and become regular spring water. Melt the ice with your hot water and you'll have discovered a new hot spring (which is nice to have since now you don't have to climb up the rockface again!)

If it's the first day, talk to the goron in the next area and he'll stomp on the ground which opens the door to the Goron shrine. If you're not on the first day, you'll have to chase the giant boulder that is rolling around and smash it. The guard is inside the boulder. There is a much easier way to open the door, though. Use your own ground pound to open the door! Anyways, to get to the open door, jump off the ledge of where the guard would be standing on the first day in the direction he is facing and the door is pretty close to where you'll land. Enter the door and you'll hear a sound that may force you to hit the mute button on your Tv. Someone crying! Link can surely help the poor kiddo. Go up the ramp into what looks like a throne room and behold the source of the whining! Slap on the goron mask (he won't really open up the human Link) talk to him and the little one will scream for his daddy, the Elder, who stepped out to investigate Snowhead and never returned. I guess you'll have to find him. Go back to the area with Tingle floating around and slide down to where the giant boulders are situated. The Elder is in one of these snowballs, but his position changes with each day

Day One : By the entrance to the goron village
Day Two : By the snow-coveredramp that is close to the entrance to Mountain Village
Day Three : In the Mountain Village, by the pond and the owl statue

He is trapped in some ice!! Go to the newly revealed hot spring, grab some hot water and thaw him out. Become your sexy goron self and talk to him. He'll realize his son misses him and will teach you half of his son's lullabye (he can't remember the whole thing.) Also, your ocarina has been changed to drums. Go back to the crybaby and play him your new tune. He'll teach you the rest of it and drift off to sleep. After he falls asleep, the chandalier will start spinning (see Don Gero in Masks for more details.)

Head over to the owl statue in Mountain Village and go up the path to the left of it. Here you must roll off the ramp while you have your speedy spikes out and navigate through the twisting path while still rolled up to the second ramp. I guess once you make the first jump, you can walk through the path until you get to a good distance away from the second ramp, curl up and roll from there. Much safer that way, actually. Anyway, make the second jump and you can enter the new area, Snowhead.

Hit the owl statue so you can warp to this spot instantly and not have to worry about the ramps again. Tatl will inform you of something she sees in the wind, but you can't see it! Slap on the lens of truth (is it something you wear like glasses?) and you'll see a giant goron blowing wind at you. Play the Goron's Lullabye and he'll fall to an untimely death... jerk... Walk, run or roll up to the omnious tower that stands before you. There is a ramp you must roll up at the end of the winding path. Once you've reached it, swing to the left and you'll see a twisting ramp which you can walk up rather than roll, which is a bit safer. Watch out for boulders since they will fall on your head if you stand under their silhouette. If you see the shadow on the ramp, just wait until the boulder falls and rolls past you. At the top of the ramp is the entrance to...


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