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Your Life as a Deku Scrub

The story begins with a cutscene (as most games do.) Link is travelling through a dark mysterious forest along with his trusty ... pony, Epona. The Skull kid appears, scares the crap out of Epona and lifts your ocarina while you are unconscious. He doesn't stop there. He then rides off with Epona, leaving you alone and possibly hungry.

You can now take control. Cut all the weeds ahead (you can snag about 15 rupees) and walk through the tunnel. You come across tree stumps, but don't jump on them yet. To the right, you'll see more weeds arranged in a circle. Cut them (as soon as you cut one, they will dance around and eventually disappear.) Cut down as many as you can (normally around four.) They all will yield one rupees each. Now you may jump from one stump to the other in the next tunnel. Link will fall into a huge pit full of crazy, flashing light animal thingies (I swear I saw Jigglypuff float by.) It looks like it's the end....

Phew! Saved by the Deku flower. The Skull Kid will tell you he got rid of Epona and transform you into a glorified puppet... I mean Deku Scrub. The Skull kid will exit and leave a fairy behind.

You have control again. Go to the left of the door and practise using your new body by cutting more weeds using the Deku spin attack by running and pressing the A button. I might add that it is indeed possible to get them all before they finish their crazy weed dance. After the weeds have dispersed, open the door, walk down the tunnel and you will hear the sound of the fairy that to this day still haunts my dreams.

Ring-ring? RING-RING?!?! This fairy makes me miss Navi's "Hey!" "Listen!" everytime I hear it. WHY?! Well, it can't be helped. Tatl is your new bicycle bell... I mean fairy.

Now you should practise using Link's Deku Flower Glide. Stand on the pink flower until your Action Icon says "Dive" (the blue icon on the top of the screen... thank you, Navi ^_^ and I do mean Navi!! Oh, Ocarina of Time, how I long for thee.) Hold A until Link is in the flower and a puff of smoke comes out of it. Release A and Link will launch out of the flower holding two "helicopter propeller" flowers. Use the joystick to steer where you want to go and hit A to let go of the flowers and drop. If you go too far with the flowers, Link will kick his legs and eventually let go on his own so be careful. Before you flower glide to the door across the room, jump down to the left and cut down the weeds for more rupees. Go to the other end of the room, flower glide to the top-most flower by the entrance and use that flower to glide to the door.

In the next room, flower glide forward to the flower a little to the left , then again to the platform with the chest. Open it and you'll get Deku nuts. 10 of them! Deku nuts are a C-button items (Hit start, scroll to the "Select Item Subscreen", highlight the nuts and hit either C-left, C-down or C-right. You can also use them while flower guilding by pressing B.) Once you've collected the nuts, flower glide to the next platform. It's a little hard to see. Go straight (facing the exit) and turn to the left once you see it. Go to the next platform. Tatl will teach you how to Z-target. Flower glide over to her once you're comfortable with Z-targeting, look at the creepy tree if you want and on through the tunnel.

Now you're in what looks like a mill (it's actually a clock....) Go up the ramp ahead and try to go out the door. It's the Happy Mask Shop guy. He says that his mask was stolen by the Skull kid and if Link gets it back along with his ocarina in three days, Link can be returned to his former, cute human (Hylian?) self. Leave through the door and you'll be in...


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