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Castle Gloaming

The seat of power of The Pit, this is where Archibald Ironfist makes his home. This is where you will be recieving most of your quests if you take the Path of Dark.

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Vital Statistics
Location: The Pit
Open Times: 6 pm to 6 am
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Liches, Necromancers, and Vampires

*BarrelsVarious effects, depending on color.
1 Ship Teleport to other ships.
2 Throne Room Teaches Grandmaster Dark Magic, Teaches Grandmaster Blaster (After Robert the Wise is killed.)
Quest Action: Talk to Archibald Ironfist (Enter the Pit from the Hall of the Pit in the Deyja Moors, then talk to Archibald in Castle Gloaming in the Pit.)
Quest: Complete the Breeding Zone and return to Archibald in the Pit.
Quest: Go to Colony Zod in the Land of the Giants and slay Xenofex then return to Kastore in the Pit.
Quest: Go to the Lincoln in the sea west of Avlee and retrieve the Oscillation Overthruster and return it to Kastore in the Pit.
3 Chest Quest Item: Soul Jars (Retrieve the Case of Soul Jars from Castle Gloaming in the Pit and return to Sir Caneghem in Celeste.)
4 Tapestry Quest Item: Big Tapestry (Steal the Tapestry from your associate's Castle and return it to Niles Stantley in the Mercenary Guild in Tatalia.)

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