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The Dwarven Barrows

The burial grounds of the Dwarves, this is where the Barrow Downs takes it's name, I suppose. Unsurprisingly, it's filled with undead. There are a few treasures inside, making delving into the Barrows (read: tombrobbing) worthwhile. There are sixteen areas of the tomb, and the highlighted ones are the enterances. The map key is on this page. If you want to go to another chamber, click on the number. Click on the map name to return to this page.

Map Index       Indoor Maps

Vital Statistics
Location: Barrow Downs
Open Times: Irrelevant
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: GhoulsGiant Bats, Giant Rats, Skeletons and Zombies

Barrow IBarrow IIBarrow IIIBarrow IV
Barrow VBarrow VIBarrow VIIBarrow VIII
Barrow IXBarrow XBarrow XIBarrow XII
Barrow XIIIBarrow XIVBarrow XVZokarr's Tomb

1 Barrow VIIChest Barrow VII Key
2 Barrow IXChest Barrow IX Key
3 Barrow XChest Barrow X Key
4 Barrow IIChest Quest Item: Lantern of Light (Retrieve the Lantern of Light from the Barrow Downs and return it to Tarin Withern in Harmondale.)
5 Zokarr's TombMeditation Pool Quest Action: Pray at the pool (Find the lost meditation spot in the Dwarven Barrows.)
6 Zokarr's TombZokarr's IV's Tomb Quest Action: Return Zokarr's Skull (Retrieve the bones of the Dwarf King from the tunnels between Stone City and Nighon and place them in their proper resting place in the Barrow Downs, then return to Anthony Green in the Tularean Forest.)

Map Index       Indoor Maps

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