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Grand Temple of the Moon

This is the headquarters of the evil followers of the Moon. The religion is in a decline, pretty much only on the Evenmorn Islands, but the fighting with the Grand Temple of the Sun is still as vicious...

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Vital Statistics
Location: Evenmorn Islands
Open Times: Irrelevant
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Followers of the Moon and Wights

1 Chest Quest Item: Eagle Statuette (Retrieve the three statuettes and place them on the shrines in the Bracada Desert, Tatalia, and Avlee, then return to Thom Lumbra in the Tularean Forest.)
2 Altar of Evil Quest Action: Purify the Altar (Purify the Altar of Evil in the Temple of the Moon on Evernmorn Isle then return to Rebecca Devine in Celeste.)
3 Pit Trap Drops you into a cell.
4 Niche Click to gain a Telekinesis spell scroll.
5 Lever Opens the cell at 3. Use Telekinesis if in the cell.

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