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This land is only accessable via the Nighon Tunnels and Thunderfist Tunnels, and is dominated by Thunderfist Mountain, an extinct volcano near the middle of the region. The Warlocks of Nighon are Druids who walk on the dark path, and strangely are the only ones who know how to make the Soul Jars that only Necromancers can use. It's strange, but a point of interest.

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: 6pm to 6am
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Hydras, Rocs and Warlocks

No travel possible.

Main Map
1 The Maze Quest Action: Find Haldar's Remains (Retrieve Haldar's Remains from the Maze in Nighon and return them to Mazim Dusk in Nighon.)
Quest Action: Find the Angel Statuette (Retrieve the three statuettes and place them on the shrines in the Bracada Desert, Tatalia, and Avlee, then return to Thom Lumbra in the Tularean Forest.)
2 Obelisk #9: fi_eo_od
3 Thunderfist Mountain Enter the Thunderfist Tunnels.
4 Roggen Residence Offers membership to the Fire Guild.
5 Hollis' Home Teaches Expert Identify Item and Expert Identify Monster.
5 Pedastal Grants Heroism.
6 Well Restores 50 Hit Points.
7 Elzbet's House Teaches Master Alchemy.
8 Shrine Grants +10 Personality and Intellect, Permanent. Works once per character.
9 Volcano Crater Kills your party if you fall in. Unnkown if it has another effect.
10 Neldon Residence Teaches Master Leather.
11 Hawthorne Residence Teaches Expert Staff.
12 Lanshee's Housse Teaches Master Bow.
12 Well Recovers 50 Spell Points.
13 Aznog's Place Teaches Master Dagger.

Mini Map #1
1 Arcane Items Alchemist
2 Well Grants +20 to all Resistances, Temporary.
3 Paramount Guild of Fire Buy Grandmaster Fire Spells.
4 Dusk's House Teaches Master Water Magic.
Quest: Retrieve Haldar's Remains from the Maze in Nighon and return them to Mazim Dusk in Nighon.
5 Applied Instruction Training Hall
6 Silk's Home Teaches Grandmaster Disarm Trap.
7 Anwyn Residence Teaches Expert Learning.
Quest: Retrieve the dragon egg from the Dragon Cave in the Land of the Giants and return it to Tor Anwyn in Mount Nighon.
8 Offerings and Blessings Temple
9 Well Grants +2 Skill Points, once per character.
10 Evander's House Teaches Grandmaster Body Building.
11 Elmo's House Teaches Expert Stealing.
12 Whitesky Residence Teaches Expert Mind Magic and Expert Meditation.
13 The Bloodied Dagger Blacksmith
13 The Tannery Armorsmith
14 Well Grants +2 Personality, Permanent. Works once per character.
15 Fortune's Folly Tavern
16 Fountain Grants +50 Intellect and Personality, Temporary.
17 Pedastal Grants Fire Resistance.

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