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Recommended level: 8

1. When you go through the southern checkpoint continue along the path until you get to Alexandria.
2. Upon entering you will be confronted by Bangerz and Mash. They will try to fight you, but an elderly woman will interrupt the fight
3. Head to upstairs of the mansion in town.
4. Go through the door by the stairs, then up the stairs in that room. If you search along the wall you will find a hole where Munchie can go through.
5. As Munchie head down the stairs and find a way to get the letter off the table. When you’ve gotten it navigate back where you started from.
6. You will read the letter and it says that Jessica has gone to the tower to the East.
7. Talk to Bangerz and show him Jessica’s letter, and tell him that you’ll go get Jessica if he opens the door to the tower.
8. Go to the Tower.
9. Navigate to the top of the Southern Tower
10. Examine the statue, and there will be a scene between you, Jessica, and the statue. This will explain what happened to Alistair.
11. Try to head down the stairs and Jessica will tell you that she needs to be alone and that you will talk later at the village.
12. Return to Alexandria.
13. When you get back, go to the inn and stay the night for free.
14. When you wake up go to the second floor of Jessica’s house and watch everything play out.
15. Now it is time to head to Port Prospect.

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