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Hero   Yangus

The Hero is a versatile character who can be developed in many ways. Although he is a strong fighter, he may be used primarily as a healer early on in the game. Angelo will take over this role later, but you should continue to develop the Hero's healing abilities. Since the Hero is your second-most resilient character, he'll often survive attacks that kill Angelo, and may be the only character capable of saving a weakened party. To give him more healing options, spend some skill points on Courage.

Yangus's greatest strength is his incredible fortitude. He has the highest HP, the most resilience, and access to some of the best armour. This makes Yangus an ideal choice for your party's top spot, where he can soak up the most enemy attacks. Devastating spells may often leave only Yangus standing, so make sure he's carrying a variety of recovery items that can help your party recover.
Starting Stats
LV      1
HP      22
MP      0

STR     8
AGL     6
RES     6
WIS     5

Starting Stats
LV      1
HP      30
MP      0

STR     11
AGL     5
RES     7
WIS     2

Spells learned

     Heal LV3
     Squelch LV4
     Evac LV6
     Sizz LV11
     Sizzle LV20
     Fullheal Hero LV27
     Zing LV29
     Kasizzle LV32
     Dragon Soul LV65
Spells learned



Jessica is perhaps you party's most powerful character and the focal point of your offensive line. Not only are her spells devastating, but her melee attacks pack quite a surprising punch as well. For all her might, keeping Jessica alive is a huge task in itself. Due to low HP and DEF she is very vulnerable to death. Early in the game, Angelo is a jack-of-all-trades with decent combat abilities and a wide variety of useful spells. Later in the game, a natural talent for healing will become Angelo's defining trait, as he can learn spells like Multiheal and Kazing
Starting Stats
LV      9
HP      41
MP      22

STR     11
AGL     26
RES     9
WIS     25

Starting Stats
LV      12
HP      72
MP      38

STR     37
AGL     34
RES     20
WIS     39

Spells learned

     Sap from beginning
     Frizz from beginning
     Crack LV10
     Sizz LV11
     Evac LV11
     Snooze LV12
     Bang LV14
     Crackle LV16
     Oomph LV19
     Sizzle LV20
     Frizzle LV21
     Boom LV23
     Insulate LV25
     Kabom LV33
     Kafrizzle LV35
     Kacrackle during quest
     Kasizzle during quest
Spells learned

     Zoom from beginning
     Buff from beginning
     Heal from beginning
     Woosh from beginning
     Tingle LV13
     Kabuff LV14
     Midheal LV15
     Whack LV17
     Swoosh LV18
     Zing LV19
     Thwack LV22
     Fullheal LV24
     Multiheal LV30
     Kaswoosh LV32
     Kazing LV34

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