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Recommended level: 26

1. Talk to King Clavius on the second floor of the Castle and accept his request.
2. Go to the storage room on the fourth floor and break the pots to reveal a hole to send Munchie through.
3. Use Munchie to scare the lizard through the hole. Then return to the original hole
4. Head back to the throne room
5. Head to the Royal Hunting Ground
6. Talk to the man out front.
7. Apply the lizard humour and head inside the grounds
8. Kill and Argon lizard
9. You come upon an argon lizard sleeping drop a Salamango near it and defeat it.
10. Get on top of the ledge you’ll walk under and a lizard will jump into the cave.
11. Get a fruit thats up ahead and throw it near the latest lizard, then defeat it
12. Defeat the Great Argon Lizard.
13. Go back to Argonia
14. Head to the top of the hill and talk to Charmles then head to the throne room.
15. Talk to the king by the window in the throne room.
16. Go to the 4th floor and obtain the Magic mirror
17. Head to the Seer’s Retreat and upon finding out he’s not home head to the mystical spring
18. Talk to Medea and let her drink from the spring
19. Go back to the seer’s house and talk to him
20. Go to the strait and use the Mirror in battle against a Sea Dragon.
21. Head to the Dark Ruins
22. Defeat Dhoulmagus.
23. Go to Arcadia

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