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Pickham/Labyrinth/Mole Hole

Recommended level: 18

1. Get on the rooftop and go down the stairs to Brainís house
2. Go to the pub by the inn and talk to Trode
3. Find the crook who took Medea in the house by the lookout tower
4. Go to he southeast pub and talk to the bartender for access to Dodgy Daveís
5. Talk to Dodgy Dave and find out he sold the horse to Red
6. Go to Reds house Southwest of Pickham and talk to the man at the door
7. Talk to Red and find out what she wants for the horse.
8. Head to the Swordsmans Labyrinth North of Redís House.
9. Navigate through the labyrinth, defeat the Trap box, and claim the Venusí tear
10. Go back to Redís and give her the Venusí tear for the horse.
11. Head to Pickham and talk to Brains
12. (Lv 20) Follow Brainsís advice and take the path to the West of Port Prospect, until you find the ship in the mountains.
13. Trode will then realize you are close to his castle, so make your way there.
14. Navigate your way through the castle to the library
15. Check the bookshelf closest to the door, and all the others for alchemy recipes
16. Open the moonshadow windows and talk to Ishmari.
17. Go to Ascantha and talk to King Pavan.
18. (Lv 22)Go through the tunnel to the Mole Hole
19. Navigate through the Mole hole and tell Don Mole you donít want to hear his music, and then defeat him.
20. Go back to the throne room and tell King Pavan that you retrieved the harp
21. Head to Trodain at night and open the Moonshadow window
22. Talk to Ishmari and watch him rouse the ship.
23. Sail to Baccarat.

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