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Yangus Skill Points

Axe Skills
6 Points Basic axe-fighting techniques
Ability = HELM SPLITTER: a skull-splitting smash that lowers an opponents defence as it inflicts damage.
12 Points Junior cleaver
Trait: +5 attack power when equipped with an axe
19 Points Iron woodsman
Ability = HATCHET MAN: An unpredictable attack that can slay an enemy with a single blow if it connects.
26 Points Axe-fighter
Trait: Increased chance of critical hits with axes.
34 Points Axemaster
Trait: +10 attack power when equipped with an axe.
42 Points Ace axer
Ability = PARALLAX: A focused strike capable of occasionally paralysing and enemy.
54 Points Axelord
Ability = AXES OF EVIL: Generates a vortex from your axe blade that chews into a group of enemies.
66 Points Great axeman
Ability = EXECUTIONER: A powerful roundhouse strike that fells an opponent in on blow if it hits.
82 Points Axe royale
Trait: +20 attack power if equipped with an axe.
100 Points Almighty axeman
Ability = TYPHOEUS' MAUL: An ancient axe technique that works wonders on monsters of the beast family.
Club Skills
9 Points Basic club fighting techniques
Trait: +5 attack power when equipped with a club or a hammer.
19 Points Li'l slugger
Ability = HEART BREAKER: An attack that occasionally causes the target to miss a turn.
25 Points Heavy hitter
Ability = PENNY PINCHER: A special technique that steals gold coins from an enemy.
32 Points Hammer artist
Ability = MONSTER MASHER: A powerful smash that works wonders on monsters of the material family.
48 Points Skullsplitter
Trait: +10 attack power when equipped with a club or hammer.
59 Points Big bludgeoner
Trait: Increased chance of critical hit with club or hammer.
71 Points Armour-cracker
Ability = MIND BREAKER: A superior club attack that dominates foes and renders them unable to attack.
82 Points Big-league brainer
Trait: +25 attack power when equipped with a club or a hammer.
93 Points Consummate clubber
Ability = GOLD RUSH: A powerful strike that steals an opponents gold coins as it inflicts damage.
100 Points Lord of destruction
Ability = DEVIL CRUSHER: An esoteric club technique effective on demon and material family monsters.
Scythe Skills
12 Points Basic scythe fighting techniques
Trait: +5 attack power when equipped with a scythe
22 Points Competent chopper
Ability = STEAL SICKLE: Occasionally allows you to steal items from those you slash.
32 Points Superb sickler
Ability = WIND SICKLES: Sends a whirlwind of sickles pioruetting into the enemy.
42 Points Sickle sweetie
Trait: +10 attack power when equiooed with a scycthe.
50 Points Junior reaper
Ability = GRIM REAPER: A swing of Death's scythe that can instantly kill on or more foes in a group.
60 Points Sickle-sonic
Trait: Increased chance of a critical hit with a scythe.
70 Points Renowned
Ability = STAINLESS STEAL SICKLE: An improved version of the Steal Sickle. attack technique.
80 Points Demon reaper
Trait: +25 attack power when equipped with a scythe.
90 Points Reaper lord
Ability = GRIMMER REAPER: The aure of Death incarnate annihilates the living and obliterates the undead.
100 Points Death's apprentice
Ability = BIG BANGA: An enormous explosion that consumes everything in its path.

Fisticuffs Skills
3 Points Basic unarmed combat techniques
Trait: +5 attack power when unarmed
7 Points Streetfighter
Trait: +10 agility when unarmed
12 Points Village champ
Ability = KNUCKLE SANDWICH: A powerfully focused and damaging bare-fisted strike.
18 Points Local champ
Trait: Increased chance of critical hits when unarmed
25 Points Regional champ
Trait: +20 attack power when unarmed
33 Points National contender
Ability = PADFOOT: A secret technique for disguising your presence so as to avoid monsters.
42 Points National champ
Ability = THIN AIR: Generates a powerful vacuum-vortex that slices all enemies into ribbons
60 Points Continental champ
Ability = MULTIFISTS: A vicious four-hit strike on a random enemy.
77 Points World champion
Trait: +45 attack power when unarmed
100 Points Super grandmaster
Ability = BOULDER TOSS: Showers all enemies with enormous boulders.
4 Points Soft-hearted
Spell = WHISTLE: Summons monsters with a whistle.
10 Points Kind-hearted
Spell = HEAL: Restores at least 30 HP to a single ally.
16 Points Busybody
Spell = NOSE FOR TREASURE: Instantle reports the number of nearby treasures.
22 Points Sentimental
Ability = WARCRY: A hideous battle cry that paralyses a group of enemies.
32 Points Considerate
Spell = SHARE MAGIC: Shares some of your MP with an ally.
42 Points Confident
Spell = KABUFF: Raises the defence of all party members.
55 Points Big brother
Ability = UNDERPANTS DANCE: Paralyses all enemies with embarrassment.
68 Points Gangleader
Spell = MIDHEAL: Restores at least 75 HP to a single ally.
82 Points Big boss
Spell = KERPLUNK: Sacrifice your own life to resurrect all other party members.
100 Points Beloved boss
Ability = GOLDEN OLDIES: A multi-hit battle royale from King Trode and friends.

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