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As a clone of a boss, regular enemy alligators share the same attacks. They can claw you if you're close, though sometimes they'll (try to) run at you so they can do it anyway. They can also breathe fire. Just to keep things interesting, they'll occasionally breathe fire at the floor, which will explode into a hail of fireballs. Either stand back, or stand between the fireballs.
These creatures attack by rolling into balls, then attempting to roll into you. They can't reorient themselves once they've rolled into a ball, so you can just sidestep.
Bats just fly around, occasionally sending a Darkness-causing soundwave at you. The wave slowly widens as it travels, so for best dodging results, you'll either want to be very far, giving you the most time, or close, so you don't need as much time (though you will need more reflexes, since bats don't have a charging animation to tell you that they're going to attack).
Bears are big and strong, but slow. They can rear up on their hind legs and fall on you, which hurts, but can be sidestepped. If you're too far for that, and they're too lazy to plod up to you, then they'll charge up and fire a stream of electricity along the ground. Sidestep that as well.
There's multiple kinds of birds, but they've all got the same two attacks. The first is a swooping attack, where they fly in an oval, ideally to ram you. Since the other end of the oval is always where you were standing when they first prepared for the attack, you can dodge it by simply backing away. The second involves rushing you, then clawing. As long as you run in any direction other than directly at it, you'll dodge it.
These creatures have two melee attacks, one where it jumps up into a ball, spins rapidly in midair, then lands, and another where it tries to swipe you with its claws. Those aren't the true danger, though. That danger comes from the three energy balls it can fire at you. Guided energy balls. They don't have the best turn radius, though, so if you manage to avoid them initially, chances are they'll just circle harmlessly around you. For best results, stay close and sidestep quickly.
Dinosaurs basically just run around and lunge forward to bite you. That bite is actually pretty difficult to dodge, so stay next to or behind these things, if you can.
Dogmen have two attacks. They can claw you, either once or twice, depending on their moods. They can also fire a purple shockwave that deals decent damage and Defense Down. Even though, on a visual level, the shockwave only extends a certain distance from the dogman, you'll still get hit by it even if it seems like you're well out of range. The giant dogman has the same moves, although the shockwave simply cuts your HP in half, so you can't get killed by it.
Ugly bugs with only one attack. All it can do is release blobs of poisonous goo which slowly spread out into sizable puddles. It'll fly up to you, then drop three of those blobs around it, wait a brief moment, and then launch a fourth at you. Then it'll rest up, doing absolutely nothing until a short while after the goo puddles have evaporated. Simply moving will cause the blobs to miss, but be careful anyway. If there's multiple flies, then you can quickly find yourself with very little room to move.
Nasty amphibians that can be very annoying. They don't actually walk around, instead engaging in a series of hops to get where they need to be. Early frogs only have their tongues as a weapon, but considering how quickly they can lash out at you with it, that's all they need. It can be really tricky to dodge, but your best chance is to stay close, which limits the distance you need to run to get out from in front of it. Later frogs can also cause Defense Down with their tongues, making them much more dangerous.
Lizards attack by poking you with their tongues. If that doesn't sound dangerous, that's because it isn't. That attack's only saving grace is its speed. Just back away or sidestep to avoid it.
Moles spend the majority of their time underground, popping up only to swipe you with their incredible, stretchable arms. Back away; sidestepping doesn't work as well this time.
These deformed primates love to attack with that giant claw of theirs, hurling it at you like a boomerang, but they can also punch you with their other arm if you get close. That boomerang claw is what they'll usually use, and there's quite a few ways to dodge it; the safest is to back off.
Monster Boxes
Monster Boxes aren't really boxes at all, more gooey things that live inside boxes, but whatever. Stay close to the top edge of the screen; it won't move that close, so you won't need to worry about it running into you by accident. If it jumps next to you and stops, then it'll lash out with its tentacle. This attack doesn't track, so as long as you run sideways, you'll avoid it. If it jumps to the center of the room and stops, it'll do its propeller attack, spinning its tentacles to hit everything nearby. Stay back, and you'll be safe from that one.
One last thing; a Monster Box will always begin the battle by hitting you with its tentacle. Considering how close you have to be to open the chest in the first place, and how fast the creature pulls off the attack, it's impossible to dodge. Do NOT open Chrysler Building chests unless you have the HP to withstand that first attack.
These grassy mounds can be a pain in the ass. If you're in front of them, they'll try to whip you with their vines. Oops, did I say try? I meant 'will', considering that you'll get hit by it every time unless you're lucky enough to get alongside the monster. Thankfully, they're very slow, so you can easily stand behind them. Not so thankfully, they still have an attack that can hit you there. If it starts shaking, it's going to fire a trio of poisonous gas clouds. The gas clouds are much easier to dodge than the vines, plus, as an added bonus, it won't move or attack until the clouds dissipate.
These things actually have three different attacks. Besides the standard-issue clawing attack, it can fire a steady stream of blue energy (which is prefaced by it turning its head completely around), or it can fire a quick burst of pink energy (listen for the distinct charging sound). That pink burst causes Darkness, just so you know, and all three attacks can be dodged by simply running sideways and away.
Your typical rodent, now much larger. Its preferred method of attack is a trio of fireballs from its tail, but it can also launch a fast biting attack if you get close. The fireballs are easy enough to dodge by standing between them. While the theater rats neglect to track you as they prepare to fire, making it exceptionally easy to get out of the way, the improved rats you'll fight later will turn to face you just before they shoot. The giant rats you'll fight at the very, very end of the game are identical to their smaller cousins.
Ratmen attack by throwing an energy ball at you. The ball will bounce off the walls, eventually coming to a stop and exploding after a short while. Ratmen can also claw you if you get close, so don't.
Scorpions move by circling around you, doing their best to face you at all times. They attack using their stinger, which has good range and power, and with a stream of poison gas. The standard sideways dodge works equally well for both moves, although you'll need to be pretty close to dodge the gas; the stream widens as it goes out.
Slimes attack by firing poison goo balls at you. Watch it carefully; if the slime starts swaying back and forth, that means it's going to fire. The giant slimes can still shoot, but they won't do it very often, preferring to jump up into the air in order to land on you. Just moving away will dodge it, though.
Snakes are pretty basic enemies. They attack by coiling up and lunging at you, which can easily be dodged by running sideways and away (or just sideways, which is usually enough). The larger snakes can also cause Poison with their bites, so be more careful around them.
These hideously deformed creatures have a more unique way of attacking you than any other monster. They fire bouncing balls at you, and unlike your standard-issue bouncing balls, these are actual targets, forcing you to kill them. Of course, that also means you get a little bit of experience for every ball you kill. If it can't fire any more balls (it does have a limit, around four balls at once), then it switches to a more conventional shockwave around itself, which will cause Stiffness.
Spiders can bite you, if you're close. If you're not, then they'll fire a sticky, Stiffness-causing web at the floor beneath you... or, more likely, at the floor beneath where you were. Until the web disintegrates, they won't fire another, instead relying entirely on their bite.
The most annoying and potentially dangerous enemy in the game. They attack by firing a hailstorm of energy blasts in a wide arc. Not only do the blasts inflict decent damage, but they also cause Confusion. Your best chance is to use Haste to get out of the firing arc as quickly as possible. If a squirrel is alone, then it'll run away if you hurt it. I only hope you'll find the B Armor 2 and its wonderful Resist Confusion effect before you fight too many of these.

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