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Hangar, Mullet Falls

High Score: 10,000 Points $100
Pro Score: 25,000 Points$200
Sick Score: 75,000 Points$500
Um...get doing tricks...
Collect S-K-A-T-E$150
Open your eyes. It's right over the halfpipe to your right.

It's hanging above the quarter pipe, just behind the S.

The A's over the little plane in front of the window.

This one's over a quarterpipe near the same window.

It's on the quarterpipe that faces the helicopter.
Barrel Hunt$150
They want you to run into the barrels. I don't think they like you much.
Collect 5 Pilot Wings$250
Just look around. They're all in plain sight.
Nosegrind over the Pipe $150
I think it means you're supposed to do a kickflip over the plane, but I could be wrong...
Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps$150
Jump the halfpipe, the plane, and the helicopter. Make sure you jump them in the parking lot when they go to their cars so you can catch them off guard
Find The Secret Tape$150
Grind the helicopter blades, and it takes off! Without a pilot! And somehow, this opens the area that holds the secret tape, which is behind the helicopter.
100% Goals and Cash$200 + $500
There's some money in the wind tunnel, but you'll have to break down the wall with the propellor on it. Smashy smashy!

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