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Skater's Name
Stats before Upgrades
Other crap
^ means triangle.
A description of the skater

Tony Hawk
Stats before Upgrades
Air: 500
Hangtime: Infinity
Ollie: -1/2
Speed: 99.99.99
Other crap: 666
The 900: 8000 pts: > v O
The 1000000: 500 pts: ^ ^ []
He has some games named after him.

Bob Burnquist
Stats before Upgrades
Air: 0
Hangtime: 0^2
Ollie: Get the idea?
Speed: 10
Other crap: 5
except for...
The Burninator: < v O
He isn't good enough to be in THPS3, so enjoy him while you can.
However, expect his valiant return in THPS4, coming November 2002!

Steve Cabellero
Stats before Upgrades
Air: 7
Hangtime: 6
Ollie: 6
Speed: 8
Other crap: 11
Rail Balance: 7
Hang Ten: One million points: > ^ ^
He has been skating for sixty years, and yet isn't the best.

At this point, I decided anyone can just look at a sk8ers stats and see what they are. Therefore this section is now reserved only for commentary.

Kareem Campbell
Word up, yo. Kareem is back from da hood and he's about to kick all y'all's asses.
I think that's the most offensive thing I put on this shrine.
Let me just say that I have nothing against Kareem, and hope he harbours no ill feelings towards me.

Rune Glifberg
This guy is pretty cool, and even his name is cool. He's pretty good too. Yeah, that's about all I have to say about him.

Eric Koston
He has a yellow shirt. I think that says everything you need to know about him right there.

Bucky Lasek
Uh, to be honest, I didn't even know this guy was in the game until I started writing this. ^^;

Rodney Mullen
Now THIS guy kicks ass! Download some of his videos off KaZaA or something.
His skateboarding is a thing of beauty.

Chad Muska
Man, in THPS4, this guy is such a wigger. But this isn't THPS4. Anyway, he's also pretty cool.

Andrew Reynolds
I kinda like this guy, he's ok but not great, but everyone's the same once you power them up anyway.

Geoff Rowley
I love this guy! :D :D :D He's always the first guy I play in Tony Hawk games* and he's so cool! Plus he's from England!

Elissa Steamer
One time I was at GameFAQs and someone made a topic asking for Elissa Steamer porn. I think I was scarred for life at the thought of that.

Jamie Thomas
He is also good to use. And use him you should. Stay away from my Geoff.

* that is, he was the first guy I used until I got a Create a Sk8er option in THPS4 that let you make females, so I played Avril Lavigne instead.

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