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Marseilles, France

Main Competition $7000
Ah, your first competition! Take a whiff of that fresh air. Actually, you'd better not. This is France after all.

Anyway, down to business. Hopefully you've been pumping up the top 4 stats, because Vert tricks are worth about 20 times more than Street tricks and they're your key to victory.

Once you know what you're doing, this is easy. Just go to the farthest of the shallow halfpipe trio from the start and bust out some huge Vert tricks. If all goes well, which it should after a couple practice runs, your opponents will surrender faster than France and you'll be on top of the podium with your first gold medal.
100% Goals and Cash$500
Even in France, there's money to be found. There's money over the banner that crosses the bowl, money behind you when you start, money on top of the large wallrideable wall, and just generally money all over.

However, the greatest secret stash isn't out in the open. Head to the section with trees and you'll see a stick propping a tree up. Knock over the stick and OMGWTF!!!!1

The wall breaks down! Even more money to be had. There's also a fountain in here. Set an example for the French and show them what taking a bath is.

Well, wasn't your first competition fun? Now dust yourself off, and head for New York to get some Freedom Fries.

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