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New York, New York

High Score: 20,000 Points $750
Pro Score: 50,000 Points$1000
Sick Score: 150,000 Points$1250
The brick wall next to the statue in the park is great for points. You can get a Sick Score in no time on that wall.
Collect S-K-A-T-E$800
The S is right by the park entrance. If you can't see it, you need help. Badly. You frickin' idiot.

This is right over the brick wall where you could have gotten the sick score if you bothered to listen to me. Meanie. (Sorry ;_;)

This is also near the statue. Use the base as a ramp.

This letter is right by the pond. Whoa, what is it with letters and water? In Philly the A is near the water, and here it's the T.

This is over some quarterpipes on the far corner from where you started this hellhole of a stage.
Ollie the Hydrants$700
To do this, go along the sidewalk and OLLIE over 3 hydrants. Just ollie, don't be a fancy little bastard and try to be cool, or else you'll fall and break your neck and I'll laugh HA HA HA!

PS: They're along the sidewalk to your right as you begin, just circle around the stage following it.
5 Subway Tokens$800
You have to get all 5 Subway Tokens to open the subway. Luckily, they're all really big and yellow, so they're easy enough to find on your own ^_^;
50-50 Joey's Sculpture$900
This is a big A-shaped thing that's just ahead of you and to your right as you start. Once you can see it, this goal becomes incredibly easy, because a 50-50 Grind is SIMPLE! So do it!
Grind the Subway Rails$1100
You better have put a lot of points into grinding like I told you not to. (I'm sorry ;_;) Anyway. Just grind the Subway Rails, a really long way. Keep grinding them to freedom (fries)!
Find The Secret Tape$1200
Go into the Secret Area (over a low brick wall perpenticular to the road you start on) and go up the road till it ends, then grind the middle bar. How's that for a boring description?
100% Goals and Cash$500 + $1000
This is New York! There's money everywhere! Have fun searchin' for it, sucka.
MG Flint's ApologyPriceless
I'm sorry if I was rude. New York always makes me feel mean. Please forgive me ;_;
There are some things money can't buy.For everything else, there's Mastercard.
*takes a large bag of money from an anonymous figure and walks away*

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