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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

High Score: 50,000 Points $2500
Pro Score: 125,000 Points$3000
Sick Score: 250,000 Points$4000
Well, you've come so far in the game now, so you deserve a pat on the back. In fact, you're probably so good at the game by now, you can do this goal without needing a guide. Well, the best of luck to you ^_^
Collect S-K-A-T-E
with Mene the "Chocobo Hot & Cold" Moogle of FF9 fame!
This letter is so annoying to try to get I won't bother to describe it, kupo >_<

This letter likes to swim, kupo.
(See? It's just like Chocobo Hot and Cold!)

This letter frolicks among the flowers, kupo.

This letter likes ramps and the colour blue, kupo.

Finding this letter might be shocking, kupo!
Drain the Fountain$2500
Turn the wheel on the roof.
Collect 5 Bells$2000
This one's really easy. All you have to do is collect 5 bells. BUT!! They're not like the bells in the school. No, these tricky devils look totally different, so beware!
Bluntside the Awning$2000
The name says it all. You have to *gasp* Bluntside the Awning!
Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips$2500
To accomplish this goal, you must liptrick 4 skatepark lips. Skatepark lips are lips in the skatepark, and liptricks are tricks that you do on lips. You must do liptricks on 4 lips in the skatepark. And they have to be 4 different lips, so don't think of doing the same one twice, you sneaky bastard you.
Find The Secret Tape$2000
You know the roof? From the Drain the Fountain goal? Yeah, that's the one. Go there again and grind a wire.
100% Goals and Cash$500 + $2000
Come on, they've had this exact same goal in every stage, you should be able to do it by now!

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*snuggles Naru* ^^
So cute ^^