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School II, California

High Score: 15,000 Points $200
Pro Score: 40,000 Points$350
Sick Score: 100,000 Points$500
Go to Halfpipe. Do tricks till you have 100,000 points.
Collect S-K-A-T-E$400
From the start of the stage, turn right and go into a tunnel. Grind the ledge in the tunnel to get the S.

From S, exit the tunnel at the bottom then go onto the stage in the center of this area. The K is above a quarter pipe on the stage.

Ride off the opposite end of the stage from where you got the K and go out the left of the two tunnels there. The A is to your left, on the Opunsezmee Roll Call Rail.

As soon as you finish grinding the rail with the A, turn right and go along the ledge until you come to a brick wall. The T is on a quarter pipe to your left.

Turn around when you get the T and go between the two small portables now in front of you. The E is over a quarter pipe on the other side.
Wallride 5 Bells$500
From the start of the stage, go ride and ollie off the funbox, and wallride to hit the bell. From there, go straight ahead, and down a tunnel. Turn right at the second right turn to find the second bell. Now, go all the way past all the portables to Bendy's Curb. The third bell is on top. Now follow the brick wall, past the lamp post and planter, all the way to the corner of the Carlsbad Wall. The fourth bell is near the corner of the two walls. Finally, follow the Carlsbad Wall, and go up the ramp where you got the A. Keep going along the left wall and you'll find the last bell over a dumpster.
Collect 5 Hall Passes$400
This is a really simple goal. All the passes are really big and obvious, so there shouldn't be any problem collecting them all.
Kickflip TC's Roof Gap$400
TC's Roof Gap is the gap between two portables. Get onto the roof with a kicker and do a kickflip across the gap between the two.
Grind 3 Roll Call Rails$500
The first rail is the Nightmare Rail, which runs along the staircase near the start. The second is the Opunsezmee Rail where you got the A. (See A, above) The final rail is the Gonz Rail, which is on the staircase near Bendy's Curb.
Find The Secret Tape$500
The secret tape is on the roof of the school, on the path leading to Carlsbad. Use the quarter with the K to gain speed, then rocket across the stage towards the faint tire treads on the opposite end and use a ramp there to fly onto the roof and get the tape.
100% Goals and Cash$500 + $750
You know how to get the goals now, all that's left is the money! You're on your own for this one.

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