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Venice Beach, California

High Score: 40,000 Points $1500
Pro Score: 100,000 Points$1750
Sick Score: 200,000 Points$2000
You should be able to do this in a couple tries. At the bottom, there's a bowl that's great for vert tricks.
Collect S-K-A-T-E$1250
It's on a roof, and you have grind the fence to get to it.

It's hanging on a gap to the right of the S. Don't fall and hurt yourself...too much.

The A's on a different roof. Use the quarterpipe where all the tables are to get it.

Use the vent as a ramp to get on the highest roof, where the T is.

Slow down! It's on the roof just below this one, so if you go too fast and miss, you'll plummet to your death fall off and have to do it again.
Ollie the Magic Bum 5 times$1500
Homeless people are meant to be ollied, not cared about.
Collect 5 Spary Cans$1250
Yay for generic fetch goals! Sadly, you can't vandalize anything after you get them.
Tailslide Venice Ledge$1000
It's got a $100 on it. I'm sure you know what to do.
Hit 4 VB Transfers$1500
Just transfer quarter/halfpipes with a jump.
Find The Secret Tape$1250
Secret tape my ass! Just look around after you get the T.
100% Goals and Cash$500 + $1500
There's tons of money around here. Have fun ^^

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