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Name Buy Cost Sell Cost Description Where Found
Beat 9,000 1,500 Instantly slays a monster. You earn EX Points too. Magic Dungeon, Ordeal Mansion (Shop), More Magical Dungeon
Berserker 500 100 Makes the monster berserk Various dungeons
Blowback 1,500 250 Knocks the monster back several squares and hits for 5 HP Various dungeons
Change 1,000 250 Changes a monster to another monster from that level Various dungeons
Clone 1,000 250 Creates a clone of the monster Various dungeons
Disperse 1,500 400 Warps a monster to a different spot on the level Various dungeons Dropped By Deranger
Druid 2,000 500 Warps the monster away and puts them to sleep Magic Dungeon (Shop), Ordeal Mansion (Shop), More Magical Dungeon. Dropped by Druid
Dual-Edge 400 100 Reduces the enemy to 1 HP, and you to half HP Various dungeons
Earner 1,000 250 Steals the targeted monster's HP and restores your own. Various dungeons
Enchanter 3,000 750 Has random effects Dropped by Enchanter
Golden ??? 2500 Has varying effects. Causes a staff to appear on every floor if in his inventory. Floor 98 of the More Magical Dungeon
Heal ??? 500 Heals the monster Various dungeons
Identify 400 100 Identifies enemies Ordeal Mansion
Invisible ??? 500 Makes monster invisible Various dungeons
Itemizer 4,000 1,000 Transforms a monster into an item. Various dungeons
Loser 800 200 Gives half your HP to the target monster. Various Dungeons
Mimic ??? 1000 Turns a monster into a Mimic. Various dungeons
Mystifier ??? 1000 Warps a monster away, leaving it paralyzed. Dropped by Mystifier
No-Trip 400 100 Prevents you from falling on hidden rocks Various dungeons
Panic 1,000 250 Confuses a monster Various dungeons
Sap 1,500 400 Reduces Monsters Defense Various Dungeons
Scapegoat 2,000 500 Turns a monster to a false priest, other monsters ignore you Various Dungeons
Skill-X 4,000 1,000 Disables the special skills of the monster Various Dungeons
Sleep 1,500 400 Puts a monster to sleep Various Dungeons
Slow 2,000 500 Cuts the monsters speed in half Various Dungeons
SpeedUp ??? 400 doubles monsters speed More Magical Dungeon
Terrify 5,000 1,250 Makes the monster run away from you Various Dungeons
Thunder 1,000 250 Hits with a thunder attack (25 points) Various Dungeons
TradeSpot 1,500 400 Switches the position between you and the monster Various Dungeons
Wizard 3,000 750 Has random effects Dropped by Wizard

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