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Area 4: Fosbus Swamp Walkthrough

The first thing you want to find in Fosbus Swamp is a bible so you can hold 20,000 gold max. Then move Southwest through the meadow to the screen you see to the left. Keep going left and you will find yourself in Warlic Lake! Already? Your current mission here is to obtain the Aqua Boots.
Once you enter Warlic Lake, move North and West until you reach a large pond surrounded by rats (pictured at right). Strike the tree you see Kelesis swinging his sword at 3 times and the hole will appear. You may need to kill a few rats to gain enough gold to buy the Aqua Boots. After you have 20,000 gold, enter the hole and buy the boots. Now before you head back to Fosbus Swamp, kill enough mice for ANOTHER 20,000 gold. It's much easier now because you can just stand on the water and stab at the mice and they are helpless. Once you have the gold, head back to the entrance of Rolick Desert.
What? All the way back there? What for? Well, remember this screen, just after you left Despa Valley? Now you can walk across the water, left and right to find hidden items. If you walk one screen to the left, kill 1 vortex and crawl in the hole, the Wise Woman will sell you a purple mea for 5,000 gold. Very useful in the next few stages of the game! If you then walk back two screens right, you will find another screen with vortex flying around. Kill 2 to reveal another hole and crawl inside. Here, a Wise Woman will sell you a Life Potion for only 500 gold! Now you can start heading back for Fosbus Swamp.
Take a little detour into Bachular Graveyard again and walk north and west until you reach the screen where you obtained the Valley Sword. Now you can walk along the river to left another screen through the mountains. I wouldn't recommend this only because it brings you directly to Haidee Forest, which has enemies that hit pretty hard and you are only equipped with the Valley Sword. You can cheat later on and get items like extra bibles, the Legendary Sword and Ascent Boots early if you wish, but it is usually too much hassle. You still need all 7 crystals to defeat Golvellius anyway. Head back to Fosbus Swamp.
Collect as many Life potions and bibles as you can as you explore Fosbus meadow and swamp. You should end up with a total of 11 potions (including the one at the beginning of Rolick Desert) and a gold max of 28,000. See the Fosbus Spoiler map in the maps section for more info. The picture to the left shows the transition from Fosbus meadow to Fosbus swamp.
In the farthest Southwest corner of Fosbus swamp, you will find a small island with bricks in the center. Kill 2 red crows to reveal the hole in the center and crawl in. A Wise Woman will sell you the Ring of Invisibility for 10,000 gold. Now you can shatter any gray stones that lay in your path!
Next thing you will want to do is journey back into Fosbus meadow, moving all the way to the Northwest of the meadow. You will find yourself in an area with many stones. Now that you can shatter them, make a path to the stone you see Kelesis shattering in the picture to the left. Shatter that stone all the way and a hole will appear. A Wise Woman inside will sell you Aresta's Pendant, which reduces damage taken by one quarter! Very useful for the battles ahead.
In the middle of Fosbus swamp you will find an island in the center of a lake that has one lone bush on it. Strike the bush once to reveal the entrance to Fosbus' dungeon (pictured on the right).
The side scrollers are still pretty easy at this point. You just need to remember to strike the gravestones to make some of the platforms fall into place. The most difficult part is the snake at the end that shoots fire spirits. Smash all the blocks in front of it except the one at your feet so you have something to run against while stabbing at the snake (see picture on the left).
Fosbus throws skulls at you and when they hit the bottom of the screen, they split into 4 skulls and spread out. Try to avoid the skulls while slashing Fosbus with your sword. Each hit you take is a full Life Container, so be careful.
One screen up from Fosbus dungeon you will find a hole with the 4th crystal for 8,000 gold. At least the Wise Woman isn't still taking half your cash for the crystals. I mean, you are saving the world after all!
Here is what your inventory should look like before venturing into Warlic Lake. If you decided to move on and find extra items in further levels, you should have more than you see here.

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