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Area 5: Waruso/Warlic Lake Walkthrough

Warlic Lake is a wide open area and easy to get around. You will want to find 3 Life Potions and 4 Bibles (50,000 gold max) scattered about the lake area. Consult the maps section for info on location and pricing. If you need to gather gold, stab at the blue rats from the water. The screen shown at the left is where you will obtain the first Emerald Ring (Kill a couple of the Red Knights to reveal hole), to be given to another Wise Woman for information. This area is located on the southeastern island.
Walk to the farthest Southwestern area to find a hole defended by dark pigmy skeletons. Crawl in the hole and you will give the Emerald Ring to this Wise Woman and she will tell you that Golvellius used to be a GOOD king. Hmmmm...
Walk North of the Wise Woman to the next island on the Western side of the lake. Go to the Southeastern part of this island (pictured left) and crush the stone you see Kelesis crushing in the picture. A hole will appear, revealing the entrance to Warlic's dungeon.
Warlic's dungeon contains more enemies and more twists and turns that the previous bottom-up scrollers. When you come to the 4 way path as you see pictured on the right, take the leftmost path. At the end of the path, a giant bat will appear. Keep stabbing at it, but also make sure you follow the right path at the fork because the left path is a dead end.
Ah, its Warlic... or... Warlics. Warlic splits into two and both entities charge at you at different times. This is a difficult battle because one hit takes a whole Life Container and you must be aware of both Warlic's at all times. Stay near the edge at all times (the bottom-left mostly) to avoid multiple hits. Attack Warlic when he stops his charge, before he pulls away. Always attack the second Warlic that charges, otherwise you will be hit by the second one while attacking the first. The battle lets up a bit once one of them is defeated. Continue to hit the remaining Warlic before he backpedals from his charges.
After Warlic's defeat, walk down to where you gave the Wise Woman the ring and walk one screen right and one screen up. You will find yourself in the screen at the right. Crawl in the hole and buy the 5th crystal for 20,000 gold. OUCH!
Here is a picture of what your status screen should look like by now, if you have found all the equipment so far.
Crawky Forest entrance is back where you found the Aqua Boots. The mountains will part and you can move onward.

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