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Walkthrough Part 7

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Lily Village

You'll wake up in Lily Village with Cologne. After she talks, go and talk with her again; you'll learn about the Star Pillow. Go up and talk with Akane, she'll rejoin, and after this you can talk with Cologne to change your party members. Buy every thing you may need at the east part of the town, and head to the north in the town to find the Cave of the Ancients.

CAVE OF THE ANCIENTS: This is an easy and a short dungeon. Go ahead, and ignore the first path to the right, it's just a dead end. At the end take first the left path to get a chest, and afterwards the right path so you reach the next floor. On the second floor you'll eventually see a path down and another straight... both leads to the same place, but take the path down to take a chest. After this you'll reach the staircase to the last floor, where you'll have to fight 4 Warrior Spirits, who really are your same team.

Boss: Warrior Spirits x 4
  The Warrior Spirits are as strong as you, and have a lot of HP. If you have Mousse with you, use his Specials to raise the Defense and Attack of everyone in your party. Also, if one of your characters is defeated, use a Carrot to recover him, since this battle gives you a lot of experience.

    After the battle, you'll get the Star Pillow, so you are now prepared to go after the Ghost Cat King. To reach his castle you must go through Devil's Cave, which is located to the south of Lily Village, so exit it and go around the mountains either way and you'll find it.

Devil's Cave

When you enter you'll see a staircase with a barrier behind it, and three teleporters, in each one you'll find a boss; talk to fight them. From left to right you'll find: Suzaku (II), Genbu (III) and Byakko (II).

Boss: Suzaku (II)
  Suzaku is powered up in this fight, but the battle isn't of much worry... just watch your HP.

Boss: Genbu (III)
  This time Genbu is a lot stronger than before, but he doesn't make any multiple attack usually, just raise your Defense with Mousse or Shampoo, and have Akane defending if he is at a low level.

Boss: Byakko (II)
  Byakko is very fast and if you aren't a high level she'll attack before you in every turn; have that in mind. You'll have to heal with Akane if you see the possibility of fainting for a character. Raise your attack and defense with Mousse or Shampoo.

    When you beat all of them, the barrier disappears, and you'll be able to take the stairs to the next floor. The second floor is a bit big, so I've made a map for it, you can see it in the Maps Section of clicking here. In the fourth floor you'll just find a narrow path, follow it, you'll see a teleporter that leads to the world map, in front of the Ghost Cat King Temple.

Ghost Cat King Temple

This place is shorter than you would expect... when you enter, you'll see several paths together, the second and sixth ones lead to a chest, and the fourth (straight up from the entrance) you'll find the stairs to the next floor. In the second floor you'll find a chest in the left and right paths, and the staircase to the next floor is down. In the third floor you'll see Seiryuu blocking the next stairs, after talking with him and finding out his secret you'll have to fight him.

Boss: Seiryuu
  This fight is tight, Seiryuu does serious damage with each attack, plus he has a lot of HP. Use Mousse to raise the Defense and Attack of the group, use Akane to heal if needed (and make her to defend if you are at a low level). Make sure to have plenty of Ki and HP recovery items, plus some Carrots. The reward will be worth it.

    Afterwards you'll learn why of his acts. Take the stairs to the last floor, where you'll find Ghost Cat King. Talk to him and the last fight starts.

Boss: Ghost Cat King
  This fight isn't as hard as I thought at first... Make a character use the Star Willow on the Ghost Cat King, so he transforms back in Kamusaru a few turns, while that follow the same tactic with the last fight. When the Star Willow effect ends repeat this tactic.

    With the Ghost Cat King beaten now the only thing to do is sit and watch the end. I hope you have enjoyed the game.

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