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Walkthrough Part 6

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Rose Village

Talk with everyone here, and you'll discover that the village chief knows about the Star Crystal; his house is at the north across the bridge. There you'll learn you must take the Three Sacred Weapons to the Holy Altar, that is now the Akanekodan headquarters. In the elder's house you'll found 2000 Yen too. The Weapon and Armor Shop is located in the Inn; go there to buy better equipment.

    You must leave the town and head northeast to reach the cave.

Akanekodan Cavern

There isn't any maze or dead-ends here, so it's easy to see all chests and staircases. On the third floor you'll see two staircases to the next floor, take the top one to get a treasure chest and the other to continue. In the fourth floor there is an intersection; the party will start fighting to decide which path take, then Ryouga and Shampoo leave the party. The left and righ staircases are connected and you'll find nothing there, so it's pointless to follow your lost party members. Go to the upper staircase.

    Go through the hall and Buujin will call Fuujin and Raijin to stop you.

Boss: Fuujin
  Simply use Akane to heal if needed... and keep attacking with Ranma.

    When Fuujin is defeated Raijin will attack.

Boss: Raijin
  Use the same tactics to beat him.

    Buji throws a bomb at you, and takes advantage of it to kidnap Akane, demanding the Three Sacred Treasures in return. Ranma faints, and when he wakes up Shampoo is there, who rejoins again.

    Follow the path and you'll see a staircase; use it to exit the cavern. You'll be on the other side of the mountains. Follow the sand path until you reach a house; enter it and Ryouga will appear and rejoin your party too.

    Buy everything you may need, exit and continue following the path, you'll find Kamusaru's Castle, enter it.

Kamusaru's Castle

When you enter it, you'll see a cutscene with Akane and Seiryuu. This dungeon is very big, so I've made a map for it. Check the Maps Section or click here.

    At the end you'll find both Seiryuu and Akane. Ranmma will give the Three Sacred Treasures and Akane will be free. Seiryuu goes away, and Genbu appears again.

Boss: Genbu (II)
  Genbu is a lot stronger than before, and his attacks continue to attack everyone, so be careful with them. Otherwise this fight isn't very hard.

    Genbu flees again... go ahead, and you'll find a teleporter, so step in. You'll appear in a new area of the castle. In this new floor you'll find some chests in the northwest and southeast corners, and the stairs to the next floor in the northeast one. The next floor is just a straight path, so don't worry about it. On the last floor you'll find Byakko, and you'll have to fight her.

Boss: Byakko
  Byakko isn't very strong, but she has some nasty Specials, which are able to Confuse you and steal HP.

    When Byakko is beaten, she disappears, and you'll be able to continue. A ceremony is being celebrated there, and two Akanekodan soldiers try to stop you. After this easy battle you'll find Kamusaru at last, who calls Bujin to stop you. You'll learn who Bujin is really (I guess it isn't a surprise at all though), and you'll have to fight him.

Boss: Happosai
  Happosai is very strong, be careful with him, use Shampoo to raise your defense; Happosai does a lot of dammage.

    Happosai runs away, and the party decides to attack Kamusaru before it's too late, but Ranma turns into his Cat-Fu state.

Boss: Kamusaru
  This is the hardest battle of all you've had until now... you can't control Ranma in this battle, he is in a berserk state and attacks automatically every turn. Use Shampoo to raise the defense of all your characters, and use some Defense Tokens too. Defend with the weakest characters like Akane... you may have to use plenty of heal items, and you should have a lot of revive items.

    After the battle, Kamusaru gets angry and use the Star Crystal to become the Ghost Cat King. He uses a beam, and the party gets blasted... The Akanekodan and the Ghost Cat King disappears and the party faints.

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