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Intro and Underground Castle part 1

For starters, name your character. (His real name is Blazer.) The place you're in is a kind of traveling temple which will be your base in the game. Whenever you return here, you'll refill your HP and you can save and (later) travel to different levels. The blue diamond squares are teleporters which connect to three different points in each level (the last one is usually right before the boss).
So let's head to the left one, the Trial Room. Open the chest for the Sword of Life and equip it. Your first monster lair spits out Goblins. They're easy if you just stand diagonally of their path and slash away. Beat all the Goblins and the monster lair turns into a green square. Step on the square and you'll release an old man.
Talk to him and he'll give you the Flame Ball spell and join your party as the Soul of Magician. You can now cast magic by pressing the Y button; the fireball will shoot out in the direction you're facing. Head back to the temple and you'll notice you have a new destination through the south teleporter. Use it to enter Grass Valley.
There's nothing here yet. Go to the lower left and down the ladder and to the right. There's a lone flower here to talk to. Enter the cave to start your first real dungeon.
You're now in Underground Castle, west, with 14 monster lairs to kill. The first lair is right as you enter and has more Goblins; it opens the way to the right. There's another Goblin lair here. When you touch the green square this time, you'll be warped back to Green Valley to see the Mayor's house and his wife be resurrected. (If you return to Grass Valley, she'll refill your HP.)
Head north for a new monster lair, which yields Plant Men. More than one can come out at once, and they wander around, so watch it and get them quickly. Beat the Plant Man lair to reveal a chest holding a Medical Herb. Now go left for another Goblin lair, but watch out for the Flame Statue. Beating the lair gets you access to a blue jewel. The fairy in there will give you EXP and offer to take you back to Grass Valley.
Head north and up the ladder to another Goblin lair which opens a ladder north. Head right and down a bit for another Goblin lair; this one opens the Tool Shop and its owner. If you return to Grass Valley and talk to her, you can get a free Medical Herb. Continue down and right. Go right and up; a Flame Statue guards a chest with 12 GEMs. Continue right and up. Beat the Plant Man lair to release a tulip in front of the Mayor's house.
Head right across the conveyor belt to see a Imp lair; these guys shoot balls at you, so watch out. Beat it to release a bridge in Grass Valley and the bridge guard. Go down the ladder to see a Flyball lair; beat it to reveal a chest next to the Flame Statue to the right. It holds the Dream Rod, which you'll need several times during your quest. Go back up the ladder, right, and down against the flow of the conveyor belt.
You should already meet a bunch of Goblins belonging to the lair just to the left; beat it to open the way to the Plant Man lair just below. Beat that one to release some ivy to the lower right in Grass Valley, which leads to a treasure room. Head left now and down (any path will do) to see a Imp lair. Stay just below the left wall of the conveyor belt and smack them.
The lair opens a conveyor belt heading back left. Ignore it and head down the ladder. Beat the Imp lair to release the water mill and its keeper. If you try going onto the machine to the right it'll tell you it needs the water going, so use that new conveyor to the left to return to the entrance to the Underground Castle; exit to the bottom left to return to Grass Valley.

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