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Underground Castle part 2 and Leo's Painting

Talk to the Mayor's wife and tell her you want to be her child; she'll refill your HP now whenever you talk to her. If you used up your Medical Herb, go right to the Tool Shop owner and talk to her to get another one. Talk to the bridge guard and he'll let you pass. Just past the bridge, enter the millhouse. Talk to the mill keeper and he'll move; go to where he was standing, face up, and move the wheel.
Now go out of the mill and south. Head down the ivy and into the room to pick up the Iron Armor, 50 GEMs, and some EXP from the fairy in the jewel. Equip the armor, then return to Underground Castle, west.
Go back right through the conveyor belt, down the ladder, and return to the machine. It'll take you north to a Plant Man lair. Beat it to release a man near the entrance of town. Now exit to the right to get into the Underground Castle, east. There are 15 lairs to beat here. Start by heading north and beating the Plant Man lair to release a goat and his pen. Continue north.
There are two Goblin lairs here, both guarded by Flame Statues. The lower one releases Lisa and her house, and the upper one releases a tulip just left of the waterfall. Go down the ladder at the top right.
Go past some Blue Slimes and you'll reach a Plant Man lair inside a stone enclosure. Enter from the south and beat it to release an architect and a staircase at the top right of Grass Valley. Now go down the ladder at the lower left, past the Flame Statue and Blue Slimes, and enter the conveyor belt heading right.
The conveyor belts go all over the place here. For starters, just keep going right to hit dry land, and go up for two monster lairs, a Goblin and Imp. Beating the left one (Goblin) releases ivy to the left of the waterfall, and the right one (Imp) releases the Tool Shop owner's son (return to him later).
Now go back down and left, and take the conveyor belt up. Go all the way up, then right a bit and go down as soon as you can back onto dry land. Beat the Flyball lair for another Flyball lair to appear, and repeat twice. The Flyballs appear faster in every new lair. The fourth lair releases another goat.
Go back to the top and head right on the conveyor, then to the bottom right. Go left past the Blue Slimes, then along the narrow corridor till you get to a Goblin lair. Beat it to make a Flyball lair appear behind you. Watch out for Imps shooting you from the south. Beat the Flyball lair to release another tulip.
Continue left along the narrow corridor and you'll reach another Goblin lair. Head all the way to the left; it's easier to avoid the Imp and Flame Statue shots. Beat the lair to open a path back to the beginning of this screen. Return to heal up if you need it, then return to this spot and go south. You'll notice a Plant Man lair, but can't get to it right now.
Head right along the conveyor, destroying the Flame Statues along the way, then up and left to reach the Imp lair. Beating it releases Dr. Leo's house and a man inside. Talk to the jewel to return to Grass Valley.
Go into the Tool Shop and talk to the son to get a bag of goat food. Talk to the lower goat in the wooden pen to the right of the bridge, if you wish. Search the lower right corner of the pen for a Medical Herb. Go to the right and into Lisa's house. Equip the Dream Rod and talk to her. Hit the nearby lair, then talk to her again. Try to leave the house, then talk to her yet again. Now return to the Underground Castle.
Go straight to the east section via the elevator. You can now go down the ladder. To the right is the Plant Man lair you couldn't reach before; beat it to release a house (and its owner) right near the teleporter square. Go left and up to pick up Leo's brush. Now return to Grass Valley and talk to Lisa. Equip Leo's brush and go to the top right house. Look at the painting to enter it.
There are 5 monster lairs on this screen. There are two Birdy lairs right above. The left one releases another tulip, and the right one opens the way forward. The Green Statues here belong to a lair which opens the path up. Go up either conveyor belt to reach a Spearman lair which opens a northward pathway. Go up it to reach another Spearman lair, which releases a lonely goat to the right of the wooden pen. Go up to enter the next screen.
Again 5 monster lairs here (but you can only get 4 of them now), and again the first two are Birdy lairs, right away. The top lair releases more ivy at the lower right of Grass Valley, and the lower one opens the path forward via the top right. You'll see a chest holding a Medical Herb, then further right a bunch of Eyeblocks.
Kill the eyewalls and seal their lair to more forward, toward the Spearman lair. Don't fight them on the conveyor; go near the lair and use your crabwalk technique to take them out easily. Watch out for the Metalpus, which you can't destroy just yet. Hit the lair to open the staircase to the next screen.
Kill the spearman to releases a goat in the yard near the teleporter. Don't fight on any of the conveyor belts here; just run and avoid the Metalpuses, until you get to dry land where you can fight your enemies. Go to the right and you'll reach a bunch of Eyeblocks; their lair releases a boy in the lower right, and his hut. Go north from here to reach a Birdy lair, which releases a sleeping tulip near that hut. Now head northwest to enter the next screen.
Another spearman at the start, but he now guarded by the unkillable Metapus. Grit your teeth and run past them, then fight the Spearmen on their own turf. When you beat the lair, you'll open a new teleporter! Save and heal, then go back up the conveyor belt and left. The easiest way to beat the Green Statues is with a single Flame Ball spell. The lair releases a boy and his cave. At the very top is the last spearman group, who guards the boss.
Before the boss, head back to town and head to the lower vine section. You can use the Dream Rod on the tulip if you want, but nothing interesting happens. What you really want to do is PUSH the tulip to the left. Go to where it was to pick up a pass. Go to the top, just east of the waterfall, equip the pass, and talk to the boy. Go through the passage, and walk to the right to pick up a strange bottle. Now return to the painting to confront Solid Arm!
You can't hit Solid Arm from the same platform he's standing on; you have to get him from the conveyor belts. But once he stops moving, he'll fire at you! So you have to keep him moving. Move just beneath one of the side conveyors and he'll walk towards you. Wait until he fires a triple shot, then quickly go to the center conveyor, and stay near the top while you hit him with the crabwalk technique. Repeat the steps and soon Solid Arms will die and the Elder will be saved!
Now that the elder is free, return to Grass Valley and go to the top floor of the Elder's house. Talk to him to get the Brown Stone. Now go back to the temple and go to the top; you can move to the next area, GreenWood!

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