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Lostside Marsh to Water Shrine

Again, there's nothing here so head to the right to enter the fray! This is Lostside, a large marsh which connects GreenWood and the Shrines of Water, Fire, and Light. There are only 9 monster lairs here, but there are lots of non-lair monsters which keep coming back. Most notable of these are the Geckos, which jump out and shoot fireballs at you when you get near the water where they hide. Plus, if they reach the water again, they refill all their HP! Watch out.
There's a Mudman lair to the right, which releases a bird (and a tree stump) near the entrance to Lostside. Go up (watch for the Geckos!) and left along the top path. Beat the Mudman lair to open a path above you.
To get to it, go back left, then down and left along the lower path. Ignore the path to the right and go up to another Mudman lair. Beating it releases another tree stump (with dog). Now take the path to the right to reach a dead end with a trent. Kill it to enter the Water Shrine.
There are Geckos here too, so watch out! There are only three lairs on this screen, and the first is a Mudman lair which you can see right away. Beating it opens a path right and up to a Treant lair. Beating the Treant lair releases a squirrel and his tree home. Now go back to the start, then left and down the stairs.
There are 6 lairs here. A Mudman lair is just above you; beat it to open a bridge to the right. There's a Treant lair here which releases another bird and tree stump. Continue right and down, then back right and up. Go slowly and beat the Geckos before passing. At the top right is another Treant lair; beating it opens the waterfall to the left and gives you access to a chest with 150 GEMs. Go back down to the bottom right, then head left.

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