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Mobile Suits

Gundam Mark II
Model Number: RX-178
Pilot(s): Kamiyuh Bidan, Emma Sheen, & Jerrid Messa
Height: 19.6m
Head Height: 18.5m
Weight: 33.4t
Equipped: 54.1t
Generator: 1930KW
Thruster: 81200KG
The MKII is basically just a remake of the original RX-78-2 Gundam from the One Year War. The MKII unlike the RX-78-2 was built with a new construction concept where all of the thrusters, weapons, and other important parts mounted directly onto the mobile suit's skeleton frame. Anaheim produced many enhancements for the MKII later into the war.

Hyaku Shiki
Model Number: MSN-100
Pilot(s): Quattro Bageena & Char Aznable
Height: 21.4m
Head Height: 19.2m
Weight: 31.5t
Equipped: 54.5t
Generator: 1850KW
Thruster: 74400KG
The Hyaku Shiki began as one of many sketchy designs for the Zeta Gundam but was later tossed because of the complexity of the suit and the problems that would arise if they tried to incorporate the Wave Rider mode. After a few refinements the Hyaku Shiki was produced and painted a bright gold. The one Hyaku Shiki that was produced was assigned to none other than Quattro (Char Aznable) who used it as his own personal mobile suit until the final battles of the war where it was heavily damaged. Later the Hyaku Shiki is recovered and rebuilt.

Rick Dias
Model Number: RMS-099
Pilot(s): Quattro Bageena, Apolly, Roberto, & Amuro Ray
Height: 21.6m
Head Height: 18.7m
Weight: 32.2t
Equipped: 54.7t
Generator: 1833KW
Thruster: 74800KG
The Rick Dias, which is very similar to the Rick Dom, was developed for the AEUG as a mass production mobile suit for their use in the battle against the Titans. The Rick Dias was also the first mobile suit deployed that incorporated Axis's new, lighter, Gundarium V armor. The Rick Dias didn't lack any when it came to weapons variety; plenty of armaments for all types of battles.

Super Gundam
Model Number: RX-178 + FXA-05D
Pilot(s): Emma Sheen
Height: Unknown
Head Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Equipped: 94.0t
Generator: Unknown
Thruster: 81200KG
The combination of the Gundam MKII and the G Defensor resulted in the Super Gundam. The Super Gundam is at least 20% superior to the MKII.

Zeta Gundam
Model Number: MSZ-006
Pilot(s): Kamiyuh Bidan
Height: 19.85m
Head Height: 18.7m
Weight: 28.7t
Equipped: 62.3t
Generator: 2020KW
Thruster: 112600KG
The original design for the Zeta was designed by none other than Kamiyuh himself and later put into production when Anaheim Electronics offered to build it for him. The Zeta was built on the idea of a transformable and highly mobile frame in mind. The Wave Rider form gave the Zeta added speed and mobility but it also allowed it to reenter the Earth's atmosphere with out the help of any armor coolants. The Bio-Sensor was the only out of the ordinary armament which was supposed to allow a Newtype to interface with the mobile suit more easily than previously possible. Basically the madder the pilot gets the more powerful the Zeta becomes. Towards the end of the Gryps War the Zeta was pretty much a cheap slut (no offense to anyone) because nearly every AEUG pilot got to fight in it.

Vehicles & Ships

Class: Argama
Commanding Officer(s): Bright Noah & Henken Bekkener
AEUG's first space battle cruiser, and made by Anaheim Electronics Inc.. Having 2 airstrips at both sides for Mobile Suits use. At the middle of the ship is the residence, 'two arms' at both sides rotate to produce gravity for residence during not in battle. Argama can be the emblem of AEUG. The first captain is Henken Bekkener, then transfers to Bright Noah.

Model Number: FXA-05D
Pilot(s): Katz Kobayashi
The G-Defensor was developed by Anaheim Electronics as an enhancement to the Gundam MK II which had already been surpassed in most aspects by the Titans newer mobile suit models. The G-Defensor is like the Core Fighter of the AEUG.

Model Number: MSA-005
Pilot(s): Fa Yuiry & Reccoa Londe
The Methus was developed by Anaheim Electronics to test the transformation systems that later would be employed in the Zeta Gundam. The Methus was lacking in terms of firepower, but was still given to the AEUG. Reccoa Londe, a member on the Argama, piloted this until she defected to the Titans. During the rest of the war the Methus would be piloted by Fa Yuiry.

Class: Magellan Space Battleship
Commanding Officer(s): Henken Bekkener
The new space battleship made by AEUG to assist Argama. It is equipped with 2 airstrips for Mobile Suit use.