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Mobile Suits
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Mobile Suits

Model Number: AMX-003
Pilot(s): Axis Soldiers
Height: 22.5m
Head Height: 18.3m
Weight: 40.8t
Equipped: 72.5t
Generator: 1720KW
Thruster: 79200KG
Using the Gaza-A and Gaza-B construction mobile suits, and materials that they had on hand, Axis was able to create its first combat ready mobile suit. The Gaza-C was also a transformable mobile suit much like the Titans new models were except that the transformation system was cheap but effective.


Model Number: AMX-004
Pilot(s): Haman Kahn
Height: 18.9m
Head Height: 18.4m
Weight: 35.2t
Equipped: 57.2t
Generator: 1820KW
Thruster: 61600KG
Built by and for Haman Kahn's personal use was the Qubeley, which was a mobile suit version of the Elmeth that Zeon had produced during the One Year War. Like the Elmeth, the Qubeley also featured bits that were controlled by the pilots thoughts. The Funnels (bits) allowed the Qubeley to attack enemies that were far out of visual range. Although the Qubeley did not sport a mobile armor mode it would still prove to be much more effective than both the Titan's and the AEUG's mobile suits.

Vehicles & Ships

Class: Gwazine Space Battleship
Commanding Officer(s): Haman Kahn
After the Gwadan is destroyed by Titans, the Gwanban replaces it as the most powerful battleship in Axis. The command center of Axis.