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Mission 1

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Gundam MK II32AP1

Mission 1 Maps

In the year Universal Century 0083, Operation Stardust, an attempt by the Delaz Fleet (a group of rebels consisting of former Zeon Soldiers led by Aquille Delaz) to inevitably drop a space colony on to the Earth. Following the events of this operation, the Titans, a group of Federation elites, is formed with Bask Om overseeing all Titans-related affairs. The Titans are charged with the task of hunting down all Zeon remanants and suppressing anti-Earth Federation movements.

Skip ahead to the year 0085, citizens of the space colonies gather at Side 1 for a peaceful protest against the Titans ever growing power. This protest would be ended prematurely when the Titans introduce a gas into the oxygen ducts of the colony resulting in the death of all the protesters. This event would eventually give rise to the formation of theAnti-Earth Unitied-nations Government (AEUG), a group that opposes the Titans.

The year now is 0087, a squad of 3 AEUG mobile suits led by Lieutenant Quattro Bagina is ordered to infilitrate the Green Noah 2 colony and seize the new Federation mobile suit. This is were our story begins...

Here we see two Rick Dias entering the colony, in the anime there is acutally a third Rick Dias, but it hasn't been included in the game. On a side note, take a good long look at the pilot of the red suit. Recognize him from anywhere?

The opening ends when Jerrid, a Titans officer, says that "Kamille" is a girls name. This causes the fight between Jerrid and Kamille to occur and marks the beginning of their rivalry.

Now it's time to get down to business, the two mobile suits you saw earlier have made it into the colony. They've spotted the new Gundam MK II, and its time to capture it!

This isn't a very difficult battle, just move either of the Rick Dias's into close range and attack. It shouldn't take more than two swipes from the beam saber to cause the Gundam to fly off to a near-by field.

Once the Gundam has crash-landed in the field, Jerrid is ejected from the cockpit and Kamille takes over. Now the four of them, including the other Rick Dias, can leave for space. If I remember correctly, Quattro mentions a similarity between Kamille and Amuro Ray...

Cut to Bask Om's office where we see Lt. Bright Noah, former captain of the White Base, expressing his concerns about the way the Titans do business. Bright is beat down accordingly.

Take the time now to enjoy the game because in the next mission things heat up and you'll be faced with something unimaginable.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 2!