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Mission 11

Mission 11

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Pyscho Gundam18AP1


Now this mission offers a true reward when you beat it, but more on that when the time comes. This is really a continuation of the previous battle except with Hi-Zacks to soften you up before the REAL battle.

There are two things that make this battle very different from any you've fought up to this point. First, the enemy units get to attack first meaning you'll be running away from the get-go. Second, the Hi-Zacks are incredibly fast and many times you'll find yourself not getting to attack them due to their speed.

*dingding* And now its time for round two! In this corner we have the challenger, Gundam MK II, and in this corner the reigning champion, Psycho Gundam! That's right, Four's back and ready to finish the beating she was giving you in the last mission.

Watch out for this little doozy of an attack, but I'm sure you all remember it from the last battle. This will usually take up all of the Psycho's turn and shouldn't cause around 150-200AP damage to you.

Once Four changes the Psycho into its mobile suit mode the battle becomes extremly easy. Most of the time during its turn the Psycho Gundam will just stay in the center of the area and attack AND it hardly ever does its unavoidable onslaught of shots. You should easily be able to finish the Psycho off.

In the end the AEUG launches a missle that destroys the Titan's ship but did it kill Four too? Evidently Kamiyuh seems to think so as he screams out her name...


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 12!