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Mission 21

Mission 21

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Hi-Zack Custom200AP10
Hi-Zack Custom218AP2


Another Long Range only mission.

This is your first time fighting the Barzam. The Barzams are slower and weaker than the Zeta and the AI for them isn't very intelligent either. You can usually beat these with little or no effort at all.

Next up on the list of things to do is destroying the new Hi-Zack Custom unit in the battle following the Barzams. The Hi-Zacks are a little more difficult becasue they're faster and their defensive maneuvering proves that they are more intelligent than anything you've fought thus far. Try memorizing their movements before attempting an attack.

Three battles with Barzams and three battles with Hi-Zack Customs follow. Eventually you'll make to the point in which Reccoa enters in the Messala and attacks you.

The Messala will more than likely get the upper hand on you with the "grab and blast" attack that you know all too well. The battle will stop periodically while Reccoa and Kamiyuh talk then you'll head back into battle. When going into battle 90% of the time you'll be attacked with the same thing over and over; "grab and shoot".

You'll need to deal an overall amount of 1500AP or so damage to the Messala to end the battle. After the battle you'll watch the gruesome image of Bask attack a colony with the Colony Laser.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 22!