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Mission 23

Mission 23

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Hi-Zack Custom200AP3
Hi-Zack Custom218AP3


This is gonna sound a little repetitive and a little boring, but its better than a one pic walkthrough.

There is one and only one battle with a group of Hi-Zacks. At least it's good to know that future tax dollars will be going to help fund the development of such a crappy machine.

Only one battle with three Barzams and then your finished with them for now.

You're faced with two very easy battles with the already aged Marasai mobile suits. By the way, that's six mobile suits and not two.

Oh no, anything but that!! These Hi-Zack Custom's (at level 25) can do, dare I say it, a maximum of 5AP damage to you! Let's all laugh together at the Titan's. Make an example out of them as to what happens if you're a member of the Titans.

See that wasn't such a difficult battle after all. Haman Kahn has now begun to launch her attack on Bask's ship and colony laser.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 24!