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Mission 26

Mission 26

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Psycho Gundam MK II1800AP2


Axis's main Head Quarters now resides where A Baoa Qu once stood.

It should be more than obvious to you by now that screens like this spell nothing but trouble for you. Let's worry about that in a little bit because you got two squads of three Hi-Zacks coming at you!

This mobile suit should look VERY familiar to you because you've already fought it's predecessor, the Psycho Gundam. The Psycho Gundam MK II has more power than the original Psycho Gundam but also suffers from what appears to be less speed.

The Psycho Gundam MK II also has a "flame-on" attack which reminds me alot of the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four comic books. This is the most devastating attack that the Psycho Gundam MK II has at it's disposal. The overall damage from one of these (at level 25) ranges from 200-300AP damage. And yes, it does hurt... ALOT.

You'll finally get a little bit of a break once you've taken out about 3000AP (that's right, 3000) out of the Psycho Gundam MK II. This whole mission is a little confusing from here on and I don't blame you if you get confused because I sure did.

Two squads of three Barzams await you. Take care of them and take a little nap if you need to because these two battles are the breaks I was referring to above.

You'll head straight back into the battle with the Psycho Gundam MK II right where you left off, literatly! You'll be in the exact same spot you was before the Barzam battles. The above information applies here too so use it. It's not there just to look pretty but it does look pretty too. :)

All you have to do to win this bout is inflict another 1500AP of pain to the Psycho Gundam MK II.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 27!