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Mission 28

Mission 28

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Hi-Zack Custom180AP1
Hi-Zack Custom204AP1
Hi-Zack Custom220AP1

Mission 28 Maps

The battle you've been waiting for is up and around the corner and you've gotta go through a few "obstacles" first.

For once you get three GOOD mobile suits to use and you should since this is the last team mission. Be sure to take plenty of Energy-Pacs and Gun Magazines in case you run into trouble down the road.

Here's the run down on what you have to do (in order): Three Hi-Zacks; Three Barzams; Three Hi-Zack Customs; Three Marasais. That saves me alot of time typing and you alot of time having to read meaning you can get back to playing as soon as possible.

Half-way throught the "gaunlet" the game will switch scenes and you'll get to watch as Yazan destroys the Argama and its crew.

Yazan's back and he's ready to kill.... YOU! This battle is nothing, absolutly nothing compared to the battle with Jerrid. The Hambrabi can dish out about 50AP per hit but that's IF he hits you. Only 1000AP to take out and you'll be that much closer to the ending.

Here you are surrounded by thirty-six Hi-Zacks and one Hambrabi, what do you do? Let me tell you this now to save you a lot of frustration later. All you have to do is defeat the Hambrabi and you don't have to destroy all those Hi-Zacks beforehand either!

The Hambrabi has one attack that it perform 99% of the time to your team. First, the Hambrabi will attack one suit with its Beam Saber and then launch its electric wire at one of your other mobile suits. A-Gun attacks will be more effective than Beam Saber attacks because you'll be able to hit the Hambrabi multiple times while taking less damage.

Always make a savestate at the beginning of each one of your turns! VERY IMPORTANT! You'll need to decide which mobile suit you want to finish the game with because there are three different Mission 29s; one for each. The mobile suit that delivers the attack that causes the Hambrabi to fly off will be the one you'll play with in Mission 29.

After you've inflicted 2000AP damage to the Hambrabi it will fly off and your team will begin pursuit of it. The battle resumes in a new area (which in fact is area 28-5) and Yazan will get the upperhand on you. This battle is scary, simply scary. Yazan in the Hambrabi get six to eight turns for every one turn that your party gets!

It's time to put that noggin' of yours to work. This battle requires a lot more strategic thinking than any of the other battles. Space out your mobile suits to form a wide triangle so that one of them will hopefully be in range to attack the Hambrabi once your turn arrives. You'll need plenty of Gun Magazines in order to pull this off. If the Hyaku Shiki is in range use (Nail Shot); Gundam MK II use ; Zeta Gundam use ole reliable .

Deal the Hambrabi 2000AP damage you'll be good to go on to the last mission.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 29!