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Mission 29

Mission 29

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
The O1400AP1
The O1680AP1

Mission 29 Maps

Kamiyuh's final mission involves a very painful battle with Paptimus Scirocco.

This is where everything begins to split off in all directions. Emma in the MK II flies off after Reccoa and Kamiyuh in the Zeta Gundam flies after Emma to stop her. Char, however, is surrounded by Haman Kahn in her Qubeley and Paptimus Scirocco in his "The O". Kamiyuh flies back on screen and he and Char split up. Char goes to battle Haman and Kamiyuh goes to battle Paptimus.

It's finally time to fight Paptimus, and if he's killed the war will come to an end. This is by far the HARDEST Long Range battle you'll ever play. The O is an extremly fast and extremly powerful mobile suit surpassing the Zeta Gundam in every aspect.

More than likely you're going to lose close to 400AP at the very beginning of the battle. Once "The O" has let up off of you, run! The O will be all over you with blasts which can easily take off 60AP from the Zeta.

How do you beat a mobile suit that surpasses your's in everyway? With a lot of luck. You only have one advantage in this battle and that's your own brain (time to use that noggin some more)! You unlike him will be able to guess where "The O" is going to move to while your trying to get a lock on. Sounds confusing doesn't it. Move your AIM indicator over into the path of where you think "The O" is going to head to next. Using your Newtype abilities hopefully you'll be able to get a lock-on in this fashion.

You'll get to take a break periodically as the battle pauses while Kamiyuh and Paptimus make their glorious speeches. By this time you should be thrilled to get a break. Inflict around 1500AP worth of pain to end the battle and enter close range.

The Close Range battle is much, much easier than the Long Range was. To quickly end this battle use a few times to deal 85AP damage with each hit. The O also attacks with it's gun that is much more powerful than your Beam Rifle, about 75% more powerful to be exact.

The Beam Saber is always an option, but if you do decide to go at it with a Beam Saber than be sure that you use your Beam Saber Combos to deal twice as much damage than a normal attack would. The O also uses it's Beam Saber which is deadlier than it's gun blasts because of this I highly recommend to attack with A-Gun skills instead of the Beam Saber. If you're still gonna give it a try for fun then take a lot of Energy-Pacs with you.

Deplete 2000AP from "The O" to set a strange set of events into motion. The ending sequence will give new meaning to the phrase, "I see dead people". Hopefully you've enjoyed playing this game as much as I have and hopefully my information has helped you in someway or another.


Game Complete! Congratulations!

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