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Mobile Suits


Model Number: NRX-044
Pilot(s): Bran Blutarch
Height: 23.1m
Head Height: 19.3m
Weight: 41.1t
Equipped: 63.8t
Generator: 2010KW
Thruster: 68200KG
The Asshimar was the first in a long line of transformable mobile suits that would be developed by the Titans. It's aerial combat capabilities earned it the right to be mass produced and stationed throughout Federation/Titans facilities.


Model Number: RMS-154
Pilot(s): Titans and UNT Soldiers
Height: 24.7m
Head Height: 19.4m
Weight: 40.4t
Equipped: 62.2t
Generator: 1670KW
Thruster: 80400KG
The Barzam was a experimental mobile suit that was supposed to replace the GMII (which of course you never get to fight), but only a limited number of Barzams were ever produced. The Barzam was built as an all-purpose mobile suit that was pretty much a new design with access to all of the Marasai's and Hi-Zack's weapons. Unfortunatly since the Barzam didn't feature any out of the ordinary equipment (I assume equipment that a Newtype could interface with) it was declared unworthy of mass-production.

Bolinork Samarn

Model Number: PMX-002
Pilot(s): Sarah Zabiarov
Height: 19.9m
Head Height: 19.9m
Weight: 31.6t
Equipped: 56.2t
Generator: 1720KW
Thruster: 40080KG
There was only one Bolinork Samarn which built on board the Jupitris under the order of Paptimus Scirocco and was assigned to Sarah Zabiarov upon completion. The Bolinork Samarn was outfitted with a wide range of sensors and radars, but lacked in terms of firepower.

Bound Doc
Model Number: NRX-055
Pilot(s): Rosamia Badam & Jerrid Messa
Height: 29.7m
Head Height: 27.3m
Weight: 82.7t
Equipped: 129.4t
Generator: 2260KW
Thruster: 145800KG
The Bound Doc was one of the strongest and weirdest of all the Titans mobile suits. The mobile armor form was capable of high speeds and equally strong on both the offensive and the defensive side of things. In mobile suit form it was best used for one on one battles, but could also take care of a wide range of enemies with its mega-particle cannon. The true power would only be awaken by the power of a TRUE Newtype and not a artifical one like Four Murasame. Only three of these were built and deployed, two of which you get to fight.


Model Number: RX-160
Pilot(s): Jerrid Messa
Height: 23.1m
Head Height: 18.6m
Weight: 34.2t
Equipped: 54.7t
Generator: 1760KW
Thruster: 28000KG
The Byarlant was one of the first mobile suits constructed that was able to achieve high speed, agility, and mobility without the need of transforming into a mobile armor to do so. Unfortunatly due to the thrusters and fuel tank, that was needed if the need for atmospheric re-entry arrived, was only equiped with two Beam Sabers and hand mounted mega-particle cannons. These flaws was the only thing standing it the way of mass production.


Model Number: RX-110
Pilot(s): Jerrid Messa & Mouar Pharoah
Height: 18.5m
Head Height: 18.5m
Weight: 32.6t
Equipped: 56.2t
Generator: 1800KW
Thruster: 25200KG
Two prototype Gabthelys were built from a design made by Paptimus Scirocco. While in its mobile armor mode it was one of the fastest mobile armor/suits in any given battle. Had it not been for the cost of its armaments the Gabthely would probably been mass produced.

Galbaldy β

Model Number: RMS-117
Pilot(s): Lila Milla Rira & Jerrid Messa
Height: 19.0m
Head Height: Unknown
Weight: 36.3t
Equipped: 56.9t
Generator: 1507KW
Thruster: 63200KG
After the One Year War the Federation gained the plans and layouts for many of Zeon's mobile suits and began tweaking them for maximum use. One such mobile suit is the Galbaldy, which more or less is a modified Gelgoog. The Galdaldy was an equal to the Hi-Zack in terms of performance but lacked a stronger armor to allow it to participate in long term battles.


Model Number: ORX-005
Pilot(s): Rosamia Badam & Yazan Gable
Height: 25.2m
Head Height: 19.8m
Weight: 50.5t
Equipped: 94.2t
Generator: 3040KW
Thruster: 185000KG
The Gaplant is a perfect example of the Titans ever advancing mobile suit designs. The Gaplant became one of the fastest mobile suits of its time. Two prototypes where built, tested, and used in battles. One was used by Rosamia Badam on Earth and the other by Yazan Gable in space.

Gundam Mark II

Model Number: RX-178
Pilot(s): Kamiyuh Bidan, Emma Sheen, & Jerrid Messa
Height: 19.6m
Head Height: 18.5m
Weight: 33.4t
Equipped: 54.1t
Generator: 1930KW
Thruster: 81200KG
The Titans had built 3 known of prototypes of the Gundam MKII and were completing the last of there testing on Green Noah (Side 7). Meanwhile the AEUG got wind of this and Quattro and Apolli infiltrated the base and stole them. The MKII was later rendered powerless when put in comparison to the Titans newer mobile suits.


Model Number: RX-139
Pilot(s): Yazan Gable
Height: 19.9m
Head Height: 19.9m
Weight: 34.6t
Equipped: 56.9t
Generator: 1540KW
Thruster: 59800KG
The Hambrabi was one of the most powerful mobile suits built by the Titans. It featured many new designs such as the 5 mini-sensors for increased visuals, and back mounted "wings" that gave it high agility and mobility. The weapons that were armed on it included dual beam cannons, the Gabthley's Feyadeen Rifle, and an electrical wire that was very similar to the Heat Whip the Gouf was armed with during the "One Year War".


Model Number: RMS-106
Pilot(s): Jerrid Messa
Height: 20.6m
Head Height: 18.0m
Weight: 38.7t
Equipped: 59.6t
Generator: 1428KW
Thruster: 64800KG
The Hi-Zack was largely based upon Zeon's Zaku II from the One Year War. The Hi-Zack however had many new features such as the being the first mobile suit to employ the 360 degree camera cockpit. Since the Hi-Zack was produced with lighter armor it was able to be fitted with more thrusters and larger fuel tanks. As with the Zaku II, the Hi-Zack influenced many later mobile suits.

Hi-Zack Custom
Model Number: RMS-106C
Pilot(s): Titans and UNT Soldiers
Height: 19.9m
Head Height: 18.0m
Weight: 35.6t
Equipped: 60.7t
Generator: 1468KW
Thruster: 74000KG
The Hi-Zack Custom is just THAT, a custom Hi-Zack. The Hi-Zack custom was built with the sole intention of becoming a sniper unit. Therefore, it mounted a stronger generator, a more powerful Beam Launcher, a new thruster backpack for increased mobility, and a larger shield for greater protection from enemy attacks. Only a few were produced meaning you'll only fight a handful of these through out the entire game.


Model Number: RMS-108
Pilot(s): Jerrid Messa, Kacricon Cacooler, & Sarah Zabiarov
Height: 20.5m
Head Height: 17.5m
Weight: 33.1t
Equipped: 51.8t
Generator: 1790KW
Thruster: 74600KG
The Marasai was originally designed by Anaheim Electronics for the AEUG and based upon the Hi-Zack and reminds me a lot of the Gelgoog produced during the One Year War. Anaheim gave the design up to the Titan's to keep them from taking actions against them because of their support for the AEUG.

Model Number: PMX-000
Pilot(s): Paptimus Scirocco & Sarah Zabiarov
Height: 30.3m
Head Height: 23.0m
Weight: 37.3t
Equipped: 89.1t
Generator: 4900KW
Thruster: 96000KG
The hand built mobile suit of Paptimus Scirocco of the Jupiter Energy Fleet. Due to Jupiter's high gravitational pull the Messala was outfitted with powerful thrusters and when Scirocco used it on Earth the speed was incredible. Armed with a wide variety of weapons the Messala could rise to meet the occassion that the battle called for.

Pallas Athene
Model Number: PMX-001
Pilot(s): Reccoa Londe
Height: 27.4m
Head Height: 21.6m
Weight: 75.0t
Equipped: 80.0t
Generator: 1790KW
Thruster: 76000KG
The Pallas Athene was the second hand built mobile suit by Paptimus Scirroco aboard the Jupitris. Designed purely for offensive purposes, the Pallas Athene is armed with a double barrel beam rifle, eight battleship grade missles, a shield with multiple small missle launchers, claws on the feet, and four beam cannons in its torso. The increased firepower made it an equal to a battle ship but it suffered severely in the speed and mobility department.

Psycho Gundam

Model Number: MRX-009
Pilot(s): Four Murasame
Height: 41.0m
Head Height: 40.0m
Weight: 214.1t
Equipped: 388.6t
Generator: 33600KW
Thruster: 168000KG
Built in the same facility as the Titans artifical Newtype research facilities, it was the first true Newtype use mobile suit that the Titans had constructed. The name Psycho is derived from the Psycommu system deployed in the cockpit that allowed attacks to be controlled by the thoughts of the pilot, this was very deadly considering the large amount of beam weaponary the Psycho had been armed with. Due to the Psyco's large size it was designed to have a mobile fortress mode which it could transform into to allow atmospheric flight and reentry. The Psycho was ultimatly severly damaged by Kamiru in the Gundam MK II, but was recovered and taken to the Titan's Kilamanjaro base and outfitted with a new psycho control chair. In the end the Psycho was destroyed by the Zeta Gundam.

Psycho Gundam Mark II
Model Number: MRX-010
Pilot(s): Rosamia Badam
Height: 40.74m
Head Height: 39.98m
Weight: 187.8t
Equipped: 283.9t
Generator: 19760KW
Thruster: 149360KG
The Psycho MKII had the same basic design as the original only with a lot more armaments. Weapons included 20 beam guns mounted in various locations on the body for attacking in multiple directions, cable connected forearms armed with Beam Sabers which could be detached ala Zeong from the "One Year War", reflector bits that could, much to what you'd expect, reflect enemy fire, and finally the cockpit in the head the same as the Zeong's was.

The O

Model Number: PMX-003
Pilot(s): Paptimus Scirocco
Height: 28.4m
Head Height: 24.8m
Weight: 57.3t
Equipped: 86.3t
Generator: 1840KW
Thruster: 135400KG
The final suit deployed by Jupitris and piloted by none other than Paptimus Scirocco himself. The O, like the Zeta Gundam, featured a bio-sensor that would allow Paptimus to interface with "The O" and expand his already awesome Newtype abilities to their limits. The O featured four mini-arms which each held a Beam Saber hidden underneath the front skirt (if you've played Gundam: Battle Assault for the Playstation you should know what I'm talking about) helping it to quickly get the upperhand in a "hand to hand" battle. The O was also mounted with 50+ thrusters and motors that increased its speed, agility, and mobility drastically, but if you've already fought it I'm sure you know the affects these have on a battle.

Vehicles & Ships

Class: Huge Space Transportation Ship
Commanding Officers(s): Paptimus Scirocco
An extremely large spaceship used for transporting the nuclear material, Helium 3, from Jupiter to Earth. It contains a Mobile Suit factory to produce new Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors.

Class: Huge Space Transportation Ship
Commanding Officers(s): Paptimus Scirocco & Bask Om
A new huge battleship made by Titans. Equips with 8 Mobile Suit use airstrips and heavy arms. Dogosse-Giar can be the emblem of Titans at the second half part of the story. At first, it belongs to Paptimus Scirocco, then transfers to Bask Om.