*A Get Wise Christmas... is brought to you by "I can't believe it's not snow" and the "Reindeer Pooper Scooper"; When the poop sends you for a loop, get the Scoop with the poop on it.*

*at the temporary appartment of Chris-chris and Orakio in Kennebec*

*in her room, wrapping a gift* *singing* Pretty paper... pretty ribbons of blue!

*walks in and inturupts* *sings* Wrap your present, for your darling from you!

!!! *covers the present* Orak! What are you doing here?

uh... I live here?

Get out Orak! I'm wrapping a present!

Present? What's the occasion?

... Christmas, you brat!

Christmas? Oh yeah, that's right.

*finishes wrapping* There. Done!

Yay! Can I open it?

No... Not until the Control Christmas Party... they're throwing one at the Air Castle.

Were we invited?

Of course.

Then how come I didn't get the invitation.

Jessica gave it to me herself. She knew that you'd forget about it.

Hey, I don't forget about things.

You don't, eh? Then tell me, what holiday is coming up?

Uh.... um...


*thinks* Can't you see I'm thinking. *lightbulb goes off in head* Oh yeah... it's Valentines!

*hits Orak over the head* No!

*sighs* Then why are we wearing all this red?

... *hits Orak over the head again*

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(Pretty Paper)