... *hits Orak over the head again yet*

Ow... what this time?

Don't you know I hate this song?

Sleigh Ride? Why?

It's hell to play!

That's why I'm not having you play it.

... brat.

Oh well... by the way... when is this party?

Tomorrow evening. Why?

No reason.

Either way, I'm tired after all the shopping. I think I'm gonna go to bed early.

Alright honey. I'll probably hit the hay pretty soon as well.

*kisses Orak* Night love.

*kisses Chrissy* Night.

*walks off into their room and shuts the door*


Myau, I just fed you.

No, I'm fine. What is wrong Orak... you seem... forgetful.

Myau, *whispers* I knew perfectly well it was close to Christmas. I... just... haven't bought Chrissy a gift yet.


Shhh... you'll wake her up.

Why haven't you bought anything yet?

Don't ask me. I'm dumb like that.

No kidding.

Can you help me Myau?

Well... I do know of a place up near the outskirts of town that sells stuff 24/7. Pretty cheap too. What are you looking for?

Well... *whispers* A ring.

Well then, that may cost more. But, tonight, why not go and check it out?

Sounds like an idea! Thanks Myau. *goes into their room*

What else would a cat be for?

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(Sleigh Ride)