*that night, around 2 AM*

*lays in bed* Chrissy?

*sleeping silently*

*thinks* Good, she's asleep. Now I can put the plan into action.

*turns over and wraps arm over Orak's chest*

*thinks* Well... I did have the plan. Now what?

*sleeping* hmmmmm...

*looks over to the stuffed teddy bear on his side* *thinks* What do I have to lose? *grabs the teddy bear and quickly switch places with it*

*rubs the teddy bear, sleeping* Hmmm... Orak, when's the last time you shaved? You feel as hairy as a bear.

*sweatdrop* She's dreaming. Now's my chance. *starts to sneak to the door, then opens it* *thinks* Now, I can't make a noise. *takes a step forward*


*trips* ooof.

*in bed, sleeping still* hmmm... Orak... not tonight.

*sweatdrop* Thank God she's a sound sleeper.

You moron! My tail. *cries*

Sorry... I can't see in the dark.

... just go.

*nods and leaves the appartment*

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(The Nutcracker Suite)