*at the outskirts*

Hmmm... is this the shops Myau told me about?

Yes it is. Now what are you looking for?



I haven't seen you in ages.

I was in Ages... it's been a while though.

Thanks... anyways, I need a ring.

Well, I've got Blue Rings, Red Rings.

She's already got a Blue Ring.


But I'vah gotsah de onion ringahs.

... I don't think she needs onion rings.

Then I-ah needs to goah to me booken cooken.

*sighs* *thinks* Stupid Swedish Chef

How about a mood ring?

*winks* I don't need one of those to know what mood she's in.

She? Who is she?

My girlfriend. Duh.

Ah. Well, then you'd better take the mood ring. Trust me, I know how women can be.


Oops. I guess I forgot.

Zelda? Aren't you suppose to be at the Air Castle?

I have the night off, so I decided to see Link. Besides, Raja has things covered. You going to the party tomorrow?

Yes. But I need a gift for Chrissy.

Hmmm... then might I suggest this?

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(The Most Wonderful Time of the Year)