*the next day at the Air Castle party*

*sings along with the television* Who's that riding in the sleigh? Who's that firing along the way? Who's got the most popped on Christmas day? Psy-cho Dad, Psycho Dad, Psycho Dad.

Another episode of Psycho Dad?

Yes Orak! This is the Christmas episode! The one where we find out how he gets those 8 reindeer antler's on his wall.

*walks in* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! You're Christmas present is here, why not unwrap it?

I think I'll leave you two alone? *walks out of the office*

Where is it?

I'm the present you idiot.

Gee Peg, you just wrapped the same junk I didn't play with last year.

*outside the office*

Is everything ok in there?

Yeah... the Chief is just refusing to open his present early.

*walks in* Well, I don't blame him.

*walks in as well* And why not?

Well... because... he's...

Married... with children.

Which is more than I can say about us, ZAK!

We have the child, what more do you want?

*looks at each other, then back at the fighting couple*

*walks in, drunk on egg-nog* Don't fight! It's suppose to be fun! *spins around and falls to the floor.


... We all in the spirit or something?

*passes out*

You ok?

Her breath smells funny.

*sniffs* Ugh... Shoe Nog! CHIEF!

Ah, forget it Orak. Let it be.

*runs up to Orak and grabs his leg* Santa Claus!

... *sweatdrop*

*pries the girl off of him* This isn't Santa. He comes tonight.

*smiles* Ok! *runs off*


*grabs Orak's leg* Oraki Claus!

*major sweatdrop*

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(Feliz Navidad)