*later that night*

Is it time to open presents yet?

*screams from his office* I told you I don't want this present! Can't I have a fishing rod?

Time for presents has begun. Everyone, begin opening.

*opens his gift* Condoms? Jessica, are you trying to tell me something?

*opens her gift* Birth Control Pills? Zak, are you trying to tell me something?

Sparkster... for your gift... I active your... cyborg spine!

What? I know it was implanted, but I didn't think it was working.

Well... try it.

*gets up off his wheelchair... and starts walking slowly* Hey! I'm... walking!

Way to go Sparkster! I knew it would happen someday!

Just make sure to keep it well lubricated.

Just gimme more egg nog! *passes out again*

*opens his gift* Oh my... Chrissy.

What? You don't like it?

No... I love it. *takes it out of the box* A Pendant with a star and a heart on it... It's beautiful honey. *kisses Chrissy* Thank you.

*smiles* What did you get me?

Well... if everybody will gather around, I'll give it to you.

*gathers around*

Ah... you're gonna finally give it to her.

Chrissy... *holds her hands*


We've been together for a long time now, and you've made me the happiest person on this planet. Because of you, I now have a reason to continue to fight. I love you so much Chrissy... and... *gets down on one knee*

*eyes open wide* *thinks* He's gonna...

*takes a small box out of his pocket and opens it, revealing a diamond ring* I want to ask for your hand in marriage.

*looks at the ring* *in shock* Orak...

Will you marry me?

*smiles, blushing* Yes... I will.

*smiles and stands up, taking the ring out and places it on her finger*

*blushes, hugs Orak and then kisses him*


*from the shadows* Marriage, huh? This won't stand. *disappears*

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(White Christmas)