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*Female Voice* It all started almost 50 years ago. Two people from the Orakian tribe named Sharron and Earl married. It was then that they had 4 children, two sets of twins. The first set, girls.

Earl... say hello to Orakia and Rulakia.

*picks up baby Orakia* After the legendary Orakians?

Yes... perhaps they will change this world someday.

*looks outside the window* I sure hope so. The Non-Entity has been stiring lately.

*Female Voice* The second set, boys.

Boys... both of them.

Orakio... and Rulakir.

Hun, why don't you put down your studies and come hold Rulakir.

I can't right now. The Non-Entity must be stopped. He's trying to kill all of us Orakians.

I know... but we can't hide forever.

Sharron, listen to me. We have to separate the children.

*Female Voice* Just as Earl made the mention, the Non-Entity attacked their home, killing Sharron. Earl watched in horror as her soulless body lay flat on the ground, but he had little time, as he and the children had to run. He eventually discovered the weakness of the Non-Entity...

*writing in a book* I finally discovered how to defeat the Non-Entity. The Orakian Lights, a collection of Orakian spirits, must be used in conjunction with a magic enhancing device. However, in finding this out, I was attacked by the Non-Entity, and I barely escaped with my life. *to self* I will have to pass as a human for a while until my children are grown up. They have to stop him.

*Female Voice* Earl did pass as a human, and married a human named Sarah, whom gave birth to another set of twins, a boy and a girl.


*looks down at Crys and Crystal* 3 sets of twins in my life. What are the odds?

Is something wrong?

Just thinking... about my other children.

I'm sure they are fine. You did what you had to do.

The Orakians are believed to be dead now. The Non-Entity rests, weak from his fight with me. But... he will return.

*Female Voice* The boys grew up, both learning the ways of the sword. Orakio, looked after by King Sandor, was hired by Chief Al of control. Rulakir, whom grew up in a hate-filled environment, ran away from home, only to be found and brainwashed by the evil organization known as SYCO. Control and SYCO were fighting long before the boys joined, and the Orakian boys only added to the fued.

*holding his sword* Why are you doing this Rulakir!? Why don't you join us?

*holding his sword* And join up with you?! You who had everything handed to you in life! I HATE YOU! I had a rotten life, scrapping for food, fighting for the last blanket. No... I will put an end to it by destroying all that is greedy and wrong with this world!

Then you'll be destroying yourself in the long run!

*Female Voice* The two would fight over and over, but Orakio always emerged victorious, thanks to the aid of Control and Orakio's half brother Crys. Rulakir would die, then a sorceress named Erim would revive him, even stronger than before. The final time, Rulakir realized that he was tricked by SYCO, and helped Orakio defeat the leader of SYCO, Tsarkon, which ended up costing both of their lives.

Orakio you fiend! You can't defeat me!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*

*panting* Die... Tsarkon... *drops to the ground*

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(Secret of Mana - Angels' Fear)