*Female Voice* But it is said that when one is truely needed, then he will not die. Orakio was revived, as was Rulakir. Shortly after, the boys met up with their sisters and their father, who were captured by a man named Ghaleon, who was after the Orakian Book, which contained powerful secrets.

The book! Give me the Orakian Book!


Burn the book!

Do it NOW!

*Female Voice* The four burned the book and defeated Ghaleon, even through losing their father. But, neither the death of Tsarkon or Ghaleon lasted long, as what Earl had feared the most finally came true. The Non-Entity had returned, but was not at full power. He sent his Dark Skull servent to find the Orakians, and ended up killing Crys in the process. And though Erim, the last resurrector, had fallen, the Non-Entity shown his powers and merged the powers of Tsarkon, Ghaleon, and his most trusted wizard. With the help of Ali, King of Oasis, the Orakians were able to find the Orakian Lights.

Fools! You Orakians cannot kill me! I am invincible to you all!

Maybe so, but I can take you down easy enough!

*Female Voice* Peace seemed to be in place for now, but it didn't last long after the Non-Entity's defeat. Another organization called FOWL arose from out of nowhere. Its leader, Zak, who had temporarily put Orakio to a deep sleep, had been finding sacrifices to revive their God, the Dark Entity. FOWL agents were immune to every element except for time. In a hunt to defeat FOWL, Control entrusted the help of a man named Starbird, who was the inventer of many time/space items, including the Time Machine. Using his time machine, and his longtime friendship with Zak, he made Zak see the error of his ways. But it was too late, as the Dark Entity had already risen. And with him, powers of possession.

I tricked that idiot Orakio into giving me the time machine. Now, the time has come to go back in time and destroy the Orakians before they are even born.

*Female Voice* Possessing Orakio, it took control to get back the time machine. Starbird and Zak went back in time to fix their mistakes, rescuing Crys (at the request of his unknown sister Cyrstal) and bringing Zak back to his human form. Returning to their time, The Dark Entity's body was killed by a Zeeky Bomb released by Control, and Orakio was weakened. After fusing with the other Orakians, Orakio, Starbird, and Chrissy defeated the Dark Entity.

The Destructo Beam is almost ready to be fired. Do you really think you can stop me? Especially now that I've killed your girl!

NEU!!! You're going to die!

*Female Voice* A fierce battle waged with the National Evil Underground. Chrissy, nearly killed by their leader, gave Orakio a great gift when Orakio was able to reach new powers. The Destructo Beam was fired and did a lot of damage, but President NEU was killed, but not before having his greatest creation awaken, which was created from the Motavian Ruby and a feline specimen.

*pounces at Orakia, choking her with her hands* You little wench! Die by my hands as I drain the energy from you.

*choking* Orakio... where are you?... *dies*

*Female Voice* Anja, part of NEU's Anjema project, had great speed and power. She could drain the powers of whomever she wanted by simply choking them, and in doing so could kill the person. She struck like a cat, and was as stealthy as a thief in the night. But, with all her power left the waste product.

*looks around* Who be you?

I'm Rulakir... who are you?

I be Jema... where am I?

*Female Voice* Jema and Anja were one and the same. When one died, the other would. Anja killed many people, including both Orakia and Rulakia. Anja could not be stopped, as she went for the 4 Algo Jewels. Having the power of the Motavian Ruby, she set her eyes on the Palman Emerald. Climbing to Baya Malay Tower, she nearly got it, had it not been for Control stepping in. Anja had been defeated, and Jema's life spared due to the Circle of Power.

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(Secret of Mana - Undine's Cave)