*Female Voice* Dragons soon attacked the world. More powerful than anyone so far, they spread their fear all over the world. Chrissy, being a half dragon, left Orakio's side in order to protect him, but in the end was controlled by her father, King Draco. However, the world had just become the middle of a long war between the Death Dragons and the Ancient Orakians, who flew in from the kingdom of Lashute and fought the Dragons. With Control's help, the Orakians were able to seal away the Death Dragons.

Young Rulakir. You have shown a lot of promise. Please, join me and you will learn the true power of being an Orakian.

Yes, Lord Rulakir.

*Female Voice* Lord Rulakir's true intentions were to rule the universe. Working for more than 1000 years to obtain the power of the Gods, he created the Orakian Race using the powers of his brother, Orakio, whom died to save their home. In his hunt for power, he lost the love of his life, the resurrector Erim, who left him crying. Rulakir went mad after that day, and has not been the same since. He tried to destroy Orakio and Rulakir, and even his daughter Leene, but Orakio stopped him. As Lord Rulakir fled that day, he sent his demon of destruction to destroy them. Though all looked lost, two humans named Arik and Jaymi, along with Crys and Crystal, found a way to make the demon run. A year later, Orakio and Leene were set to marry, but Lord Rulakir crashed the party, proving that his powers have reached that of a God. Orakio fought Rulakir one last time, and reached outstanding powers with the help of the newly invented Card Magic. Orakio sealed Rulakir away in order to save the world.

And that all happened 20 years ago. Orakio, my father, doesn't talk much about those days anymore, as him and my mother live their peaceful life.

*eyes wide open* Woooooooooooooooow. That's a nice story cousin Kyra.

You think so?

Yeah, but it's a sad story. So much death. Aunty Orakia and Rulakia never got to see me.

They never got to see any of us, Caitlyn.

So what? I think they see us right now, Rhys.

*sighs* Kids. Rhys, why don't you get mom's soup ready for her.

Do I have to?

It should have been done like an hour ago.

Oh crap! *runs off*

I think I'm gonna go home too. I hate being 13, my parents don't trust me.

Try being my age. 18 isn't much easier.

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(Chrono Trigger - 600 AD Piano)